What do guys REALLY think if they get their girlfriend pregnant unexpectedly?

please be honest, if you got your girlfriend pregnant unexpectedly, regardless of whether you two decided to have an abortion or not, would you be mad at your girlfriend? would you not want to be with her anymore because of the stress of possibly getting her pregnant again? what do guys really think if their girlfriend tells them that they are pregnant?


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  • If they aren't ready to have kids, then they're probably mad at the world when this happens. You, themselves, their broken trojan, their good friend Jose Cuervo.you get the picture. If you plan on keeping the baby, then tell him. If you're not sure, try to keep it to yourself or talk to a trusted friend until you make up your mind. If you plan to have an abortion, do so and never ever tell him.

    Ultimately, the decision is your since it is your body. You want to make the right choice for you and your potential future child. You do not want your boyfriend to freak out and convince you to do something that you later realize is a mistake (whether that's having an abortion or keeping the baby). If you have an abortion and care about his feelings, don't tell him because he will be either upset, relieved, or confused; most likely a mix of the three. No matter what you decide, an unplanned pregnancy is guaranteed to change your relationship for better or worse, so think it through and choose the best path for you.


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  • I'd be mad at myself for my sloppiness and lack of discipline; nearly all accidental pregnancies are the result of inferior or nonexistent contraception.

  • You can't generalize this to all guys, everyone is different. I doubt any guy would ever get MAD at their girlfriend unless they're an idiot and a jerk. I mean the guy had an equal part in it too. I think the only reason a guy would ever get mad would be if a girl got pregnant on purpose (like the girl said she was on the pill but really wasn't) cause that's intentional deceit. Otherwise, getting mad at her is stupid.

    If the girl decided to keep the child I think a fair number of guys would probably want to leave her (again, depends on the seriousness of the relationship) simply because they're not ready for children. Those are what we call dead beat dads. On the other hand, if it's a more committed longer relationship then the reaction would probably be one of shock, and of course anxiety. I mean it's a huge lifestyle change, but then with a longer committed relationship there's a greater likelihood that the guy will be scared but wouldn't just leave the girl.

    I mean. this happened to me once so I can speak personally about it. We found out my girlfriend was pregnant and when she told me, I at first had a mini-panic attack thinking, "oh my god, what are my parents gonna say? are we going to have to drop out of college? I'm not ready for this. holy shit!" (etc. etc.) but after the initial shock wore off I realized she was going through the same thing if not worse. I still wanted to be with her and wasn't about to leave over this so I talked it over with her for a period of a couple of weeks. I'll admit, in my fear I kind of tried to persuade her to get the abortion and she did. I still think it was the right choice, we weren't ready for that, but I feel like an ass now for suggesting it to her and indicating that I would prefer it.

    As for the last part of your question, no we weren't scared about me getting her pregnant again afterwards, so that wasn't an issue. Well we were a little, but it just means we were a little more cautious, not too scared to stop having sex.

    So in summation, it's different for each guy, varies by age and maturity level and level of responsibility. All will probably have the initial reaction of fear and anxiety, but as to whether or not they want to stick it out and support their girlfriend, or bail out and get away. that's a matter of the guy's personality.

  • First of all I personally believe that anybody who has an abortion is an inhuman monster who doesn't deserve to live anymore. Now on to the question I think getting pregnant is a joy in life. My girlfriend and I are trying to have a baby and I think its awful that people out there are killing the baby inside of them when some people are having a hard time getting pregnant. Personally if my girlfriend told me today that she was pregnant I would be the happiest guy in the world.

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  • Me? honestly the first thought would be:

    "f*** how much will this cost?"

  • if this happened to me I'll be really happy to hear that although I wouldn't have kids with out marriage its just my opinion .


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  • Pregnancy DONT just happen unexpectedly. Either both of you or you choose to have sex and just careless at the moment if he wears a condom.

    Most guys are really careful about that sort of thing nowadays. its all in the man.

    Some just can't handle being a father and bail others would be happy. some don't believe in children before marriage.

    I say next time and forever wear condoms unless you truly sure he's the one!