What do guys REALLY think if they get their girlfriend pregnant unexpectedly?

please be honest, if you got your girlfriend pregnant unexpectedly, regardless of whether you two decided to have an abortion or not, would you be mad at your girlfriend? would you not want to be with her anymore because of the stress of possibly getting her pregnant again? what do guys really think if their girlfriend tells them that they are pregnant?


Most Helpful Girl

  • If they aren't ready to have kids, then they're probably mad at the world when this happens. You, themselves, their broken trojan, their good friend Jose Cuervo.you get the picture. If you plan on keeping the baby, then tell him. If you're not sure, try to keep it to yourself or talk to a trusted friend until you make up your mind. If you plan to have an abortion, do so and never ever tell him.

    Ultimately, the decision is your since it is your body. You want to make the right choice for you and your potential future child. You do not want your boyfriend to freak out and convince you to do something that you later realize is a mistake (whether that's having an abortion or keeping the baby). If you have an abortion and care about his feelings, don't tell him because he will be either upset, relieved, or confused; most likely a mix of the three. No matter what you decide, an unplanned pregnancy is guaranteed to change your relationship for better or worse, so think it through and choose the best path for you.