I need some sexting ideas?

oka so I'm having some trouble coming up with things, please help


Most Helpful Girl

  • Earlier today I answered a question about fantasies and he got a kick out of it, so I'll share what I put:

    I'm tied to the bed. I'm completely exposed, every nerve on edge, every sensation magnified intensely, & forced to endure every single second...feeling as if its lasting for hours. I'd whimper & scream from fright...straining to move my arms or legs...settling back into the bed from exhaustion/frustration of trying to escape...its pitch-black from the blindfold and I feel a tingling sensation running up my inner thigh as he strokes me there...then searing pain as he bites my breasts & explores them with his mouth/hands. I feel him straddle me, his weight on top of me, losing my breath. His d*** is in my face, rubbing against my skin, across my lips, sliding into my mouth...forced to lick it & massage it with my tongue. I'm choking on it & I can hear him grunt & moan...his hot heavy breath coming out in short rough gasps.

    And with this one, he's tied to the bed: He'd watch me slowly undress, removing piece by piece, sometimes pausing to bend over, to stretch, all the while saying kinky things. I'd stroke myself, my fingers lightly tracing my body...massaging my breasts. I'd slowly rub my hands down my body, way down, & finger myself. I'd moan, lick my lips, roll my eyes back as I tilt my head/stretch my neck. Drive him crazy as he watches, unable to move or act. Eventually I'd make my way over to him. Lay on top of him, my warm body pressing into his...stroking his hair, kissing his neck, & whispering in his ear. Then I'd work my way down his body: drizzle chocolate/caramel/whip cream on his chest & have fun licking it off. Suck on a couple ice cubes...then suck his d*** with my freezing lips. Then when every nerve is tingling, he's fighting against the chains to break free & f*** me like no other...I'd straddle him tightly, leaning over him, my hands running down the length of his arms, lowering myself closer & closer stopping only when my breasts dangle just above his face...him staring at them so close yet unattainable. and after agonizing minutes of him panting, licking his lips, I'd drop down & allow him to nuzzle them, lick them, bite them.