What does it mean when a guys says he has a strong connection?

So what doe sit mean when a guy says he feels a strong connection with a girl. This guy I jave been seing for a few month (and you we've had sex) tells me that he feels an amazing connection to me. What does it mean^


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  • He's probably saying that because most girlls are niave and easy to get in bed and saying "we have an amazing connection" will work on you having sex with him? OR he probably just really likes you :p


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  • I would say he just doesn't want to drop the "L" bomb yet, but still wants you to know he's pretty in to you.

  • He likes to "connect" with you. Cheesy thing to say to a woman. Or he doesn't want to use the L word...

    • I thought it was a bit cheesy, bit did not know what to make if it.

      Thanks for you answer.

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    • Wow, you made me laugh...thank you for that!

    • No problem. Hope you have a good night!

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  • I had a guy telling me that for weeks, then he never called me again. LOL

    • Probably what's going to happen to me...lol!