Why do guys like to watch girls give them head?

One day I was doing this with my boyfriend and my hair was down, I felt like it would be awkward for him to watch but he pulled my hair back and...enjoyed the view...any ideas as to why?


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  • Touch / smell / taste / etc... These are all senses... If your only pleasuring one sense (imagine plugging your nose and eating a meal which you couldn't taste anything) - you wouldn't have nearly as much satisfaction/pleasure as if you had the other senses stimulated as well.. Which is why a meal has an aroma, a taste, even a texture..~ ArtistBBoy

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  • Woman I think are more likely to close there eyes and focus on the sensations. Guys like to see what's making them feel good. Visuals just add to the sensation.

  • Imagine having a tongue as large as your whole vagina, being able to fill you completely. Doing 'tricks' and more. As every piece of your sex organ is being stimulated, imagine a slight suckling sensation. Sounds perfect right? ...Now imagine being able to see all of this versus seeing your hair. ;P

  • well where do you want him to look the TV mid groan he will start arguing with the umpire

  • Wow coming to think of it, it's kind of indescribable. It's just the way she pleasures me and feels good about it that literally melts my heart (and strengthens my d***).

    • That's just the blood. ;)

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  • most guys say they like to watch but I think it's more like it's their own personal p*rno happening to them and that's the reason they like to watch.

  • Guys love submission