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When penetrating a girl, can you tell if your penis is in her vagina or ass?

we have sex a lot and every time he's penetrating me, he asks me if he's in my ass. like can't guys tell if they are in the vagina or ass? one time I... Show More

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  • Either he was being sarcastic and that just his way of getting anal sex from you or his d*** is not very sensitive at all, by any chance is he cut?

What Guys Said 3

  • Sometimes a guy likes to hear a girl say "it's in my ass." So maybe he knew, but asked just cause he wanted you to say it. Dirty talk makes anal even more awesome.

  • If I'm not sure I just put my hand down there to check it out.

What Girls Said 2

  • That is funny.

    Is he that inexperienced?

  • Well sometimes condoms can take away from sensitivity and sometimes it's hard to tell. But your ass should be tighter than your vagina so that should give it away.

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