Why do most women want men with large penises?

Why do most women want men with big d***s if the average vaginal canal is only between 5-7 inches long?

I see an honest question expecting real answers can't be asked on this site. Thanks for the 1 star.

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  • Why do guys like big t*ts? Sort of the same thing isn't it? Society says bigger is better.

    • Ever been told your not desirable nor meet the criteria by the mass majority of the opposite genders population? How could you possible be the best you can be if she'll always prefer something you don't have.

    • What's the problem it's just a preference.

    • From my personal experiences, and many guys I've talked to, the general consensus on this issue is that while women don't necessarily care (only to extreme cases) there is still a preference of "bigger is better" like you said. If given the choice the majority would choose that "above average" to "large one" on their partner. And I've always wondered why that's the case (maybe because of the p*rn industry) amongst womens thoughts. Certainty doesn't help my confidence at all.

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  • it makes sex feel better for me. my guy now is 9 inches and it feels so good. all girls are different though

  • The more he can stretch me and the deeper he can push it in me the better the sex is.

  • It not the size of the boat that matters, is the motion of the ocean ;)

  • i wonder the same thing. Truthfully its not.

    • that all woman want huge penis. Its like a sign of manhood. A lot of cultures do this but material items rather than penis

    • Truthfully what's not?

  • It doesn't just stay at 7". When aroused, a girl can stretch as deep as 11"

    • Kinda like how some girls get wetter as they get more aroused.

    • Saw linkDifferent states of arousal hence stretched is 8 to 9 inches.Guess you saw childbirth and thought stretched = childbirth.They actually put the vagina in childbirth state is more than this in the stretched state.Just like the penis vaginas grows with arousal.

    • A small energy drink such as EnergyPro or Redbull is 6 1/2", so just imagine an inch more than that.

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What Guys Said 3

  • Because women are visual creatures.

    • +1More so than they want to admit. And I'm not ashamed to confess --- a big penis looks beautifully sexy, and it does feel good to embrace a thick, long wiener with my vaginal walls.

  • Because juicy cocks are wanted for thier juicyness!

  • A long penis isn`t important for a girl, but a thick one it is. Why? Well, a thick penis spread out/stretch/press the internal clit and brings so more pleasure.