Why do most women want men with large penises?

Why do most women want men with big d***s if the average vaginal canal is only between 5-7 inches long?

I see an honest question expecting real answers can't be asked on this site. Thanks for the 1 star.

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  • Why do guys like big t*ts? Sort of the same thing isn't it? Society says bigger is better.

    • There is far more of a variety in breast size preferences than their is in penis size. The majority of men prefer B to C cup breast's which is statically average (c is a result of rising obesity rates). Where as, I've never once in my life met a women who prefers a small penis over a big one.

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    • What's the problem it's just a preference.

    • Ever been told your not desirable nor meet the criteria by the mass majority of the opposite genders population? How could you possible be the best you can be if she'll always prefer something you don't have.