Do you like guys that shoot or dribble, ladies?

so to make a long-story short, I was hooking up with this girl I met at a party and she was really kinky. as I was about to "finish" she instructed me to pull out and come on her, something I haven't done before. I did, and as per usual when I come, the semen kind of shot out a few inches for the first couple spurts then dribbled out afterward. she seemed almost disappointed, so I asked her what was up. she said that the last guy she was with shot out his load past her face, so she was surprised that mine didn't travel as far. feeling quite emasculated, I began to wonder if all girls preferred guys who shoot rather than guys who just dribble out come. is this true? does the size of the load matter too?


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  • She might feel like she didn't do as good a job, or she didn't satisfy you like she did the other guy. Typically isn't the case... but it makes her feel better when it shoots out and hits the wall across the room.

    It doesn't matter either way though.


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  • It doesn't really matter that much but somehow, if you shoot, it seems more like you couldn't hold on any longer. It makes me feel like I did a really awesome job.

  • does'nt make a difference at all its not a turn on thing so don't let it get too you .

  • For me, size of load does not matter. When I see the load shooting really far it makes me feel as though I have done a good job and you can no longer hold it in and it just shoots lol. Most of the time I swallow so I can't tell but the two times I did not, my boyfriend shot his load and it made me feel almost accomplished lol

  • doesn't matter to me.

  • I would never tell a guy to pull out, I hate it when they, I really couldn't care less one way or the other...just another woman's opinion.

    • just curious, because honestly I would never imagine it, but why don't you like being come on?

    • Generally I can feel when the guy cums and I like it, so I prefer for the guy to stay put and not pull out... Secondly, I've had guys pull out to come when I was getting ready to climax with them, not cool... It's not so much that I don't like it, the vag is just my top preference, followed by my mouth...

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  • there's a supplement called L-Arginine. It's cheap, take it daily and hold off on the masturbation. one of the side effects of L-Arginine is it gives you massive loads. I found out about it when my brother was directing p*rn, and one of the p*rn stars swore by it. If you're worried, give it a try. Do it for maybe two weeks and you'll see what I mean.

    I was planning to give my girlfriend a facial so I gave it a shot. Huge difference. Even she was like "omg, that was a lot". Most girls don't seem to care but perhaps this one does. And I don't know about you, but it makes me feel good when a lot comes out.

    • i don't have a problem with the size of my loads (i'm sorry if my last question implied that lol) but rather the propulsion and force of them. I've been told that I come a lot (i've once filled up her cupped palm once after a handjob), but that come just oozes out and I'd like a grander display if you will. but thanks for the tip I might look into it! did it help with the force of your ejaculation or just the amount?

    • helped with the force for me. But if that's your issue maybe kegels would do the trick. strengthen your muscles down there

  • hahaha this is an awesome question. girls really shouldn't care tho. cummin a little is better than not cummin at all right?

  • I think most guys dribble and shoot, depending on frequency.

  • It shouldn't, don't worry about it bro she must be some nymph that gets sprayed casually. My girl hates when I come alot(if it's her mouth). Maybe the amount just says how much we really enjoy them? Lol