If a guy doesn't give oral, does that mean he doesn't like you?

My current boyfriend and I are hardly "official", only been together for a month. We've had sex, which he says he prefers to getting blowjobs, so as a result, I have not given him head many times, but I've still done it. (he didn't ask, I just did it). Anyway, he hasn't gone down on me. He'll... Show More

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  • Seriously? You're overthinking this. Some guys just don't particularly care for it. There are those who like it, those who don't, and those who could take it or leave it. It sounds like your guy is one of the "take it or leave it" type. In other words he probably would if you asked him or suggested it to him that you'd like that and wouldn't mind, but isn't going to go out of his way to do it on his own.

    Or it could be that he's done it before with girls who really expected it from him and as such has grown to dislike it.

    As I've found is the answer to most questions like this, you just need to talk to him about it, be more assertive about what you want.

    And lastly, I'm pretty sure there aren't any guys who only give oral to serious girlfriends, that sounds a little silly to me. He must have other reasons for not doing it. Like I said, talk to him about it, it's the only way to get a good answer. People on this site can give general advice, but he's the one who knows the real reasons.