If a guy doesn't give oral, does that mean he doesn't like you?

My current boyfriend and I are hardly "official", only been together for a month. We've had sex, which he says he prefers to getting blowjobs, so as a result, I have not given him head many times, but I've still done it. (he didn't ask, I just did it). Anyway, he hasn't gone down on me. He'll finger me but he hasn't tried to go down. He tells me he's done it in the past, but it sounds like it was only a few times, and he claims to not hate or love doing it. I don't need him to do it, but I'm wondering if the reason he's not doing it is because he doesn't really like me. I know I'm hygenic because I take more than one shower a day and I use feminine wipes, and I have done the "smell test" and even tasted myself.and most of the time, if I've showered that day, there's nothing to taste or smell. So I don't think it's that. Are there some guys who only do this with serious girlfriends?


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  • Seriously? You're overthinking this. Some guys just don't particularly care for it. There are those who like it, those who don't, and those who could take it or leave it. It sounds like your guy is one of the "take it or leave it" type. In other words he probably would if you asked him or suggested it to him that you'd like that and wouldn't mind, but isn't going to go out of his way to do it on his own.

    Or it could be that he's done it before with girls who really expected it from him and as such has grown to dislike it.

    As I've found is the answer to most questions like this, you just need to talk to him about it, be more assertive about what you want.

    And lastly, I'm pretty sure there aren't any guys who only give oral to serious girlfriends, that sounds a little silly to me. He must have other reasons for not doing it. Like I said, talk to him about it, it's the only way to get a good answer. People on this site can give general advice, but he's the one who knows the real reasons.


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  • It's because he doesn't want to. If you want to live without it, that's fine, but I wouldn't let him off the hook so easily.

  • His reasons are his. You have to get them from him. If you want an enjoyable, exciting sex life you must do one more thing with him. You have to communicate. You need to talk about what you like, what you might like to try, and the same for his interests. Nothing is unreasonable, if it is acceptable to both of you. You can't be shy about talking with someone who's been totally intimate with you, can you?

  • Nah, it has nothing to do with if he likes you or not. A lot of guys I know just think going down on a girl is utterly disgusting. I find it as a turn on, but others find it gross. Ask him to go down on you. Asking can't hurt!

  • Well duh most guys would prefer to have their girl do all the stuff while they just sit there and enjoy and that's really selfish and those kind of guys are mostly losers. They make you feel that it's disgusting and yet they expect you to find them tasking like your fav chocolate. If you have any kind of relationship that you'd like to keep around for awhile then just don't get overly involved with oral sex and having sex even less unless all that stuff is more important to you than building a good loving relationship. But if you think you can handle it all, insist that he goes down on you, at least, equally to your going down on him. Don't ever think it's your duty to give him head if he's hesitating to do oral on you. If you do he'll start thinking less and less of you except when it comes to you getting him off. There are guys of course that have it built in their heads that eating a girl out is gross. If you have one of those, let him know that you're just as good as he is. unless of course you don't really care as long as you get to have sex and be able to pleasure him.


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  • well he hasn't gone down there yet so he doesn't know how that taste or smells.in his mind maybe ohh maybe its stinky or bad taste.

    or simple because he doesn't done that ever and he's to not do it well and you'll complain.some guys are like that.but if he tasted it and smelt it and it wasn't bad at all he'd do it more and more.

  • There are guys who don't like it or find it unneccesary. Maybe he doesn't want to do it because he doesn't feel confident if he lacks experience in that field.

    You can try to crack his hard shell by giving him realy good oral sex, and tease him a lot. Then you can ask him to do it for you and teach him. But you should ask him before he cums, cus after cuming it is not as fun to do for men as before the thing.

  • my guy won't do it either, not that I have pushed the issue and tbh I'm not overly fussed about receiving anyway- just offended , I tend to take it personally and why wouldn't you? Why perform it on other women and then refuse to do it for me? He expects ( but hasn't got it for a while, unfortunately this has become an issue) . If you love me, why woudnt you love all of me as I do him? I am clean- that is not an issue.