Being fingered for the first time?

My boyfriend is planning on fingering me for the first time. Is there anything I have to beware of? How to prep? I have never stuck anything up my vagina so I am kind of worried he won't be able to find the whole? Should I try sticking a tampon? I don't know what to do for the prep!

Should I clean it? If so how?


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  • If your boyfriend knows you're going to be fingered for the first time I'm sure he'll be gente ;)
    However there are some things that you guys need to take into account, like it's always adviceable that his hands are clean, and that his nails aren't long so that he doesn't hurt you, etc. Some more tips:


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  • guys know where the hole is don't worry about that part. Don't worry about fingering yourself unless you're just curious about what he'll be feeling with his fingers inside you. He'll probably put one finger inside you and that'll be enough cause it might hurt some(but it'll still feel good) you'll be wet if you guys make out long enough first(make sure you are good and excited before he tries don't let him just do it cause he will likely be eager to get right to it, but take your time) As for cleaning just take a shower like normal nothing special to be done. Make sure to tell him to trim his nails so that there aren't any sharp places because that can scratch you(though you won't feel it it would just make you bleed alittle) there might be blood if he stretches your hymen just make sure he's aware that you might bleed and not to worry(this will probably be weirder to you than it is to him guys mostly don't care about it they know what it is so he'll probably go "I know" lol)

    honestly just stop overthinking it and desire it. that's the best way to be about it. just let it happen naturally and be in the moment.


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  • Please tell me you've masturbated before.

    Your man will be looking to you for encouragement and feedback, to know whether he's doing well or there's something he needs to change. Hope you have (specific, useful) answers for him when he does.

  • lol If he can't find the hole something is wrong with him. It's not like it's buried down there. It might hurt. As suggested you should probably try it yourself first. That way you can know what you like and what hurts then you can guide him.


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  • Masturbation is the best way to prep, honestly. I know it's weird if you've never tried it or you don't do it often, but it's the best way because you're in complete control of everything. You need to learn what feels good and what doesn't, because he won't know (at least not at first, because every girl likes different things).

    If you're really not interested in practicing on yourself (which I understand, I almost never do), then the next step is to get comfortable being intimate with him. I assume you guys haven't had sex. You at least need to feel comfortable being open and vulnerable to him before he even tries fingering you. Sounds lame, but I agree with: let it happen naturally! These things are not about planning, they're about what you feel and what you want. Relax and let him turn you on, and wait until you really want it. And when it does happen, remember to be very expressive about what feels good and what doesn't. It's important that you feel comfortable enough to give him direction. When you're that comfortable with him, the possibilities are endless.

  • I would try fingering yourself first. If nothing has ever been in your vagina, its probably going to hurt a bit, depending on how your hymen is formed. Fingering yourself will give you a good idea of how much you can take and will give yourself the opportunity to slowly and gently get used to the feeling of having a finger there. Another person isn't going to be able to tell how much pain your feeling (or what you're feeling at all) so this can cause a few problems, like him being unintentionally too rough.

    As far as cleaning goes, what you do regularly is the shower is probably fine.

  • Touch yourself a little first, learn what it feels like, learn what parts you like to be touched.

  • just bathe good, relax, and make sure his fingernails are low and clean. he would probably start off with 1 finger and then 2 being that you are new to it. :)

  • Don't care how old you are, don't need to know. I've been with my guy for years, we were eachothers first for EVERYTHING. And honestly, don't plan on when to do what. It'll happen when it does and it'll feel a lot better when you're ready cause when you're all nervous with a buncha sh*t going through your head you won't be in the right state of mind and it won't feel as it should. And DO NOT be scared to tell him if it hurts cause that's a big issue with girls and their first time. Guys don't know how you feel. And uhm, masturbating is gross, leave it up to yo man. (:

    As for cleaning? Just do the usual.

    Hope this helps.

    • why is girl masturbation gross? the most sexual girls I know are ones that know how to please themselves and they are easier to come in bed, the ones that don't seem to have a hard time cumming. Explore your body it is yours enjoy it.

  • Geez. How old are you?

    • ?...? I never masturbate. so sorry.

    • Trust me. Practice yourself before anyone else goes down there.. It'll probably hurt.