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My boyfriend wants me to give him head all the time?

My boyfriend just wants me to give him head all the time. Giving head is a part of love making but it shouldn't just be about that. He doesn't even... Show More

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  • If you can be specific or at least draw him a picture, rent a video of what makes you crazy stimulated, you have a genesis. After this initiation, you can demonstrate or explain how each of the movements depicted arouse & what feelings are created. Now that he has this clearly in mind, you have the power to withold or delay his satisfaction until you come/cum first.

What Guys Said 4

  • Tell him to get you off first and then give him head. I always want to make sure my girl is satisfied before I finish cause once that happens I am done and won't be in the mood to satisfy her. Make him do you first.

  • Dump him and get a real man.

  • I'm not going to blame him because I don't know him or you .

    But yes it's kinda selfish .

    Love is more than just that ,

What Girls Said 1

  • You can do better. He is being very selfish. A good guy should want to do whatever he can to pleasure his girl. My boyfriend always makes sure I am pleasured before he is...unless I beat him to it first lol. Even if he doesn't do something back to me right away...I get extra the next time ;)

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