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Do you girls like your coochie completely bald or hairy?

do any of you girls like your vagina:1) bald2) landing strip3) unshaven

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  • bald all the way. I like the Brazillian but I'd want to get the laser hair removal in the future.

    • you can buy the tria laser hair removal system for like $450. it doesn't hurt and is very convenient. my girl used it as directed and no more hair has grown back.

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  • Always landing strip

  • bald :) I like it smooth. It also keeps it clean, and more enjoyable if a guy goes down on you :) In terms of guys though, I like it when they shave around their cock, but leave that landing strip, the one that goes from their belly button like an arrow to their cock. Soooo hot!

  • 2. Small little landing strip (that sounds so hot..). Completely smooth elsewhere. Gotta be or it drives me nuts.

    • Amen girly

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