Dirty dancing GRINDING?

girls lets say your at a house party or just a party and your grinding on the guy and he gets and erection do you like and grind harder? I bet to a couple of parties like this when girls grabbed me and started grinding on me but its not like I care anyways the problem is the girl I like birthday party is tomarrow night and she told me in school she's gonna twerk on me hard and I'm hyped to but this isn't just any other girl if this was another I would be like whaterever but the girl I like is grinding on me so...but what I guess I'm really asking is girls do you mind it or do you like it?


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  • i love it. its a compliment to me, that I turn him on and he's enjoying himself. plus its almost like f***ing in public. I try to get as nasty as possible when I grind, especially if he has an erection. I definitely want to grind harder at that point, and sometimes I might sit him down and grind in his lap - I can grind harder this way. and he should get into it as well, grabbing my hips, and also push into me while I grinding. I like using the wall in a room whenever I grind. it helps a lot, I can put my hands on the wall and really push back and grind my hips and my butt slow and hard into him that way, lots of control, and he can push into me easier. some girls would probably freak out, but I've had guys start slamming into me like we're having sex lol


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  • It's kind of a turn on to me. Only if I'm really into the guy though. If not, I make an excuse and scram. I'm a bit skittish though.

  • i agree with what's written below... its a compliment..and its a pretty natural reaction.

  • I agree with Stellaria. I only like it if I like the guy. If I'm just dancing with the guy as a friend, and he gets hard, its weird. and I understand you can't really control it... but oh well. But if I do like the guy and he gets hard, I will for sure grind harder. Its such a turn on. And he should absolutely pull me in closer.


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