A girl sends a naked pic to a boy, he puts in online, who's at fault?


A girl sends her boyfriend a naked picture. The boyfriend puts it online. Who's fault is it?

I think they are both at fault HOWEVER, the girl shouldn't have sent him a picture to begin with. No matter how much you trust someone it's never a good idea.

The reason I ask this is because recently people have been going to high schools in my area talking about abusive relationships. When asked who was at fault for this scenario all of the girls said the boy and the boys said it was the girls. The people giving the presentation put fault entirely on the boy. I was just curious to see if any girls would put fault on themselves and vice versa.


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  • Her fault was foolishness, his was betrayal. Choose your poison.

    • well said.

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    • I'm sorry, being as you asked the question I thought you had some level of doubt.

    • I wanted to know if guys would blame guys and girls would blame girls, or if they'd blame the opposite sex. That is all.

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  • i agree with you.

  • Both.

  • Both are at fault, though the hypothetical boy needs to be heavily punished and taught a serious lesson, where as just a stern talking to the hypothetical girl so it doesn't happen again.

  • its the internets fault

  • The girl's fault.

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  • Well.. it's definitely an asshole move for a guy to do something like that.

    But the girl had control over it in the first place. It's not really a wise idea to send stuff like that.. sh*t happens, people get bitter and want revenge for whatever reason and then they end up on the internet. But, we're so easily swayed and sweet talked by guys sometimes "Baby please.. I won't show anyone, I promise. I'll delete it right after I see it" Yeaaaah yeah.

    I send my Boyfriend pictures from time to time, but never is there anything involved that would make me identifiable to anyone who knows me.

  • It's both of their faults

  • Boy's, mainly. I suppose it's generally not the smartest idea to send someone n00dz if you're worried about them getting out. But it's mainly the guy's fault if she trusted him enough not to put it online (especially since he's her boyfriend). What a d*** move.

    It's like 70% the guy's fault, 30% the girl's, imo.

    • Yeah, in that context, I could see that as a sign of an abusive relationship...

  • Girl, shouldn't have sent it and Guy needs to grow up. I say girl though.

  • i concur.

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