Do girls like being felt up?

Girls answer it and please give what all girls like/dislike about it and maybe if you want what really turns you on/off personally.


  • Yeah, in certain ways (details in answer)
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  • Yeah, it can't be done wrong
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  • No, it's wrong to do
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Sorry, I meant by your boyfriend how do you like it done?


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  • i like it but only if its the right time. not in public especially. but if we're at someone's house watching a movie and we start making out I like it when he touches my face and touches me but not in my pants or in my shirt unless we're getting serious with our relationship.

    • Yeah I wouldn't do it in public obviously lol

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  • Love it when a guy I like is doing it to me. Really neat when one of them will just walk up behind me, rach around and play with the girls.

  • by my boyfriend yes! Just not on boobs in public. and cold hands don't really matter to me, but the worst thing is when he tickles me.

    • Well she's not ticklish so it's fine but I am lol and she tickles me lightly sometimes playfully but I'm scared one time she's gonna tickle me and I'm gonna be dead surprised and end up whacking her by accident or something lol

    • Haha my boyfriend is sooo much more tickilish than I am too but if I tickle him he picks me up and kisses me so there's a thing to do to avoid hitting her.

  • I absolutely LOVE it! It feels so good! I love when guys play with my nipples and make them really hard. I love when a guy is more aggressive too. Like when he cups his hand around one of my breasts and kind of presses in and moves it around. I love being felt up, it feels SO good.

  • it kinda depedns on who it is

    only if its my boyfriend or something and not really in public or anything

    but just some random guy oer even a friend, no

    • Sorry I meant by boyfriend. Is there a certain way you like to be felt up (nothing sexual yet) just like feeling boobs and hand on face and stuff

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    • No, not any certain place of feeling me up. I do like it

    • Oh ok thanks

  • Hi, its me again. :P

    I like being felt up by mine. lol

    Just feeling his hands on my skin and knowing he wants to touch me makes me sexy and beautiful at the same time. I love it.

    Just lightly touch her skin.

    When it comes to her breast.

    Caress them wanting to pleasure her, not yourself.

    && if your hand should go south ( to her pu$$y) look her in the eyes so you know she's okay with it.

    If you want to know more.

    Just ask. =]

    • Yah, what's up with guys who just dive in? - Total turnoff & its really easy to give a warning.. Just a subtle look with your eyes, or dancing 'around' the area. I thin when they do not warn, it's cause they a re not sure it's ok, & they do not want to find out the are right....

      Respect is hot, disrespect is not. :-)

  • Absolutely love it(as long as its my boyfriend, of course). The only thing you can really do wrong is have cold hands, other than that girls like it.

    • It's best when you lightly touch her thigh, just gentle enough that she feels it. Most of the time it will turn me on, but it really depends on my mood.

      Once you do touch her though, don't lift your hand; that always drives me crazy.

      Go slowly, but don't stroke her. One tip that you might try, use your fingers to "walk" up her thigh, that turns me on almost everytime.

  • People are gonna think I'm a slut or something but eh I find it fun, I love it when my boyfriend touches me up XD turns me right on ofc and I don't mind public my ex boyfriend undid my bra in was fun xD

  • I LOOOOVE to be felt up. I love it when he squeezes my boobs gently when we make out, and he rubs up my back, and rubs his thumbs across the sides of my boobs while he holds my chest (like the sides of it). Also, he will stick his hands down the back of my shorts a little and hold onto my butt. I just love to have my boyfriends hands on me! :)

  • i love the cold, and when one of my former boyfriends found that out, he used ice and rubbed it on me, it was amazing. other things: lightly pinching a girls nipples, not too hard, and just caressing her and making her feel as though she's the only person in the the world.

    • Thanks!! Some details finally!!

      Looks like you read the question not just skimmed it!

      Nipples lightly pinching ok gotcha! I already do that anyway, kinda turns me on too :D

      Hmm, have you seen the TV show 'scrubs' a character on it uses 'ice tongue' when making out. Get your boyfriend to try that one time ;) you will probably like that!

      I wonder if my girlfriend would like that...

  • Yes!!! When I'm in private, I use the restroom then strip to my bra and underwear and lay down on a bed. Then my boyfriend undos whatever he wants to, and massages my pussy and boobs. He always takes off my bra and underwear before, though. I'm complete nakid when he does it.

  • Yes I love it! It is a great way to get intimate without going too far too quick. I love it when my boyfriend and I are watching a movie and he will grab my leg and rub the inside and slowly make his way to more private areas of corse this is over top of clothes so it's also kinda of a tease but it still feels amazing!

  • its not like yes or no if a girl likes being felt up its more a does it feel right, like with a guy you like it feels right then with a guy you don't as much its just weird

  • Some girls have to be in the mood before they would actually want to be touched in a sexual way. Sometimes it can get pretty annoying so you can't just touch her whenever you feel like it. Your best bet would be to wait until a girl is feeling a bit frisky.


    • What about it do you love exactly? does it feel good like turn you on?

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  • anybody else thinks this question and it's answers look so dumb? girls, you like being felt up by your boyfriend? then girls say: oh yeah I LOVE IT WHEN HE FEELS ME UP... hmm sorry, but that's retarded, I mean really question asker, what did you expect?