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Is it okay to tell him to take his condom off so he can come on me?

like I love when guys come on me but how do I know when he's about to? I don't want to miss it! should I tell him before or during sex for him to... Show More

and I mean comeing in my mouth or boobs
i want to sound sexy about it though you know waht I mean

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  • You simply say "When you're about to cum, take off the condom and do it in my mouth, okay?". Guy: -Very happily- Okay!

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  • I dated a girl who like me to come on her. She usually just told me when things started to heat up where she wanted me to cum.

  • say it right after you scream "RIDE ME YOU POT BELLIED STALLION"!

  • say this before sex:i want you to come on methat's all you need.

  • Look up at him with your pretty eyes and softly say "cum on me baby, I want your come all over my face!"

  • Are you serious?I would write it up on a dry erase board during sex and show it to him

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