Why do guys like long legs so much?

I am 5'11" and yeah I rock heels. I have really long legs. I constantly have guys making comment about how long my legs are. I had one ex who would just want to feel on my legs for hours before we were intimate. My most recent ex said he never really paid much attention to legs until he was with me. What is it about legs that guys like? I mean I am flattered but I guess I just don't see what the big deal is


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  • well that's cause your a girl example monkeys love bananas they will kill for a banana wtf its only a banana but they love them bananas. example 2. d*** why do women and gay men love d***. its only a d*** (its just a piece of meat dangling down). what I am trying to say is it`something men relay like its not like if you had shorter legs youd be ugly or anything but if you got them long silky Katty parry style legs well I will and almost all other men on earth will get a hard one just by looking at them..try this wear shorts/mini skirt and walk around a mall or club and trust me you will have guys killing one and other for a chance to see. juts like crows like shiny thing men love long legs. damn!


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  • "Why do SOME guys like long legs so much?"* I don't notice legs at all. Contrary to popular believe, boobs, ass and vagina aren't the only attractive physical features a woman can have. You'll find that many men are attracted to lips, eyes, legs, neck/collarbone area, etc. The reason you're noticing that some guys are indeed attracted to your longer legs is simply because you possess them and will attract such guys.

  • I do not actually find them that big of a deal, yes I like legs but not really that interested how long they are... thick thighs on legs is what I find most attractive :P

  • its a guy thing.I really cannot explain it any other simplier than than this but the females legs feels so soft and smooth and so awesome.I really love to see females legs and toes given that they are well groomed and everything.Man it just something about the females legs that turn we guys crazy about them.

  • I like a woman with legs that go all the way up to her neck!

  • Some guys are drawn to t*ts, some to a*s, and some are drawn to a girls legs.

    Personally I'm a leg man, there's nothing in the world sexier to me than a girl with great legs in some nice heels. As I say to all my female friends whenever this comes up; you're out one day/night, with clevage and leg on show, what would you rather a guy couldn't take his eyes off? When I put it that way, most of them actually agree its not all that bad.

    I think there's nothing wrong with liking legs, if anything its the one least likely to draw accusations of being a pervert when you look at someone

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