Why do guys like long legs so much?

I am 5'11" and yeah I rock heels. I have really long legs. I constantly have guys making comment about how long my legs are. I had one ex who would... Show More

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  • well that's cause your a girl example monkeys love bananas they will kill for a banana wtf its only a banana but they love them bananas. example 2. d*** why do women and gay men love d***. its only a d*** (its just a piece of meat dangling down). what I am trying to say is it`something men relay like its not like if you had shorter legs youd be ugly or anything but if you got them long silky Katty parry style legs well I will and almost all other men on earth will get a hard one just by looking at them..try this wear shorts/mini skirt and walk around a mall or club and trust me you will have guys killing one and other for a chance to see. juts like crows like shiny thing men love long legs. damn!