Girls, do you ever go commando while wearing a skirt/dress?

Well this is a question inspired by a different question, but I'm just curious. Do you girls ever wear a skirt or a dress and not wear any underwear? Why do you do that? Does it feel any different? Lol thanks for answering! :D


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  • yes, but for panty lines


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  • Nah. A thong, but not zero coverage. I don't want to have a whoops and be arrested for indecent exposure lol

  • I wouldn't do that personally, no. Haha, waaay to much potential for awkward situations. :P

  • Yeah. There really isn't a reason, it's just more comfortable to be without underwear.

    • aren't you worried about having a guy see anything, or someone noticing?

    • I don't go around bending over or sitting with my legs wide open so no, I don't get worried.

  • yea of course we do! lol because and my opinion its because watever we are wearing the panty lining shows or we just don't want to just for fun!

    • lol so you can have fun going commando?

    • haha yes it can b sometimes lol

  • It depends on the skirt/dress. Sometimes you just don't want to bother with the pesky panty line.


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  • All the time, otherwise I wouldn't be a true Scotsman.

  • why would I want to see an ugly girls "vag". ewww especially if she hasn't shaved