How does it feel like to have a guy come inside of you?

I've always been curious. Is it stupid of me to want to try it? My boyfriend and I have been together for a few years. I'm on birth control and although I'm perfect when it comes to taking it on time (and he pulls out each time) I know there's still that 1% chance of pregnancy. Still...I've been curious to know how it feels, and even if I were to try I don't know how I'd approach him with it.


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  • Well I don't know for sure how it feels, as I've never had a guy inside of me. lol But hey, Imay not have first hand experience, but I can still tell you what my girlfriend says about it, and what a couple of my ExGFs said about it. Simply put. They usually can't feel it while it's happening. If I came a lot they might say they could feel that after the sex. Like it's just a lot wetter or something similar. Heck there are guys who fake an orgasm by just making retarded faces and grunting out the words "I-I-I'm coming..." I don't think you're likely to be missing a whole lot by not doing it. Still if this is what you want, you can always just do it if you feel the birth control is enough. Heck me and my girlfriend still haven't slipped any past that guard. So if you want to bring it up with your boyfriend I see no reason you can't take the direct approach. Like for example just telling him that this is something you've been thinking or fantasizing about, and you've been curious about it. Then talk about it a bit. Ask him his thoughts on it, and see if he's responsive. If so, then just request that he does it next time. Maybe even exclaim the words "Stay inside" when he's about to blow his load. Really there isn't a wrong way to handle this. If you've been dating him for a few years, I imagine talking about this with him is something you'd be more suited for than any of us. You'd probably know more about what he wouldn't respond to, so just rule those out, and go with the best option you can think of. Or just go with my idea. Whatever. Anyway good luck with this. I hope it works out for you. Good luck.

    • I'll probably tell him to stay inside. =] thank you.

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  • Did you try it? How was it? I'm not sure how it feels for the girl but it's absolutely incredible for the guy, so I'm guessing your boyfriend is still smiling.

    • np

    • Ooh, okay. Thanks for the answer. I can definitely see the difference.

    • It's pretty awesome. As a guy gets closer and closer to orgasm our balls start to pull up as they get ready to shoot. Our d***s get harder and more sensitive and on every thrust an incredible sensation shoots down from the head of the d*** to our balls and causes them to tighten a bit more. It's especially intense on each in stroke, even more so if he's uncut. So when we start to come the in strokes feel absolutely mind blowing as does being surrounded by warm wetness instead of dry, cool hand.

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  • For me, it's just a simple talking to. Like a girl saying -- Don't "orgasm" in my mouth. (Tryin' to keep it clean hah). Just tell him if you're ready to try. If he doesn't want the risk and you do, then it's best to keep the same thing going rather than complicate anything.But yeah.. It's just a conversation and a subject that you bring up once or twice. Shouldn't be embarrassed either to approach him about it. It's normal to talk about these things with your spouse.

    • Heh. It is but I still get a little shy and flustered about that stuff. He's been my first for everything so it's all new to me. =] But thank you.

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  • it actually irritated was quite messy but made me feel closer to him

  • Although I can usually tell when the guy cums inside me, I can't feel it all the time like.. as it's happening. The times I can feel it, it's like a warmer, wetter sensation so that's why it's hard to tell :o)

    • Thank you =]