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Foursome experience?

Me and my guy have been tossing around the idea of having a threesome for a while, but I'm a bit nervous about that and I don't really see it as even... Show More

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  • I have done this before, a FFMM with a couple that we know. The first time we did it there was no swapping and its very hot! Looking over to see the others f***ing was a big turn on. After the first time of no swapping we swapped and it was a lot of fun. Each of the girls got DPed by the two guys and we also ate each other out and swapped. So it was also a fun experience. The issues with doing a swap is any jealousy that may occur, so your guy seeing you having more fun with another guy than you have with him (or that's what he believes).

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  • I think it would be fun... but yeah might make things awkward. With these things you never know until you try, sometimes they turn out good, sometimes bad.

  • haha was just chating with that with the girlfriend both came the same conciliation as you we werent to into switching partners

  • you married?

    • No.

    • well the relationship will end sometime soon and then you will have this "new" thought process of what a relationship could include according to you and the other swingers of the world

      sounds healthy...I would get started as soon as possible

      mmm sarcasm

  • Take it slow. Seems like it c/b really hot especially once the couples lines are crossed. I mean how would you like it if his ex came on to you or if the guy started rubbing and sucking your t*ts while your guy was f***ing you or eating your pussy?

    • I don't think I'd mind lol I'm just not up for switching partners at the moment, just think it might be fun to go at it in the same room as others.

    • Now how would you mind it if the girl started rubbing your mans' back and chest as he was f***ing you? What if she started sucking his d*** while he was going down on you? So much upside and so many possibilities.

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