Wat does a girl mean if she say in a very soft tone that "u know ur a Dog" after makin out

After making out if a girl tells you in a very soft voice that "u Know ur a dog" what does it mean.


Most Helpful Girl

  • that you are an amazing kisser or whatever you did to her she obviously liked ; )


What Girls Said 2

  • it means you slobber when you kiss also known as a wet kisser

    • So is that a good thing....

What Guys Said 3

  • She thinks you're a player, probably. Or she's pulling your chain.

  • You use a lot of tongue. Some girls like it but some girls dont

    • Thank you so much....

  • it could mean a few things. Your really good with your tongue or you use to much of it. but if she didn't have ''weird'' or disqusted look on her face it was probably a compliment.