Dirty Texting to Guys?

Directed towards guys - so guys, tell me what really gets you going. Girls, tell me what's worked on guys for you. I feel like I'm extremely awkward at dirty texting. The guy I've been exchanging messages with can describe these vivid scenarios, which really work on me. But I feel like I either... Show More

Most Helpful Guy

  • Describe your body parts in detail, and describe in detail exactly what you want him to do.

    Think about giving driving directions. You don't tell someone: "Drive towards me until you get to my house." You say: "Drive 8 blocks on, make a left on Oak, stay in the right lane, turn sharp right on 7th, go straight for 11 blocks, left on Boulder, then three more blocks to the white and blue house on the right."

    Be that descriptive. Tell a little story, and don't leave out any of the details. Describe what you want him to do, what you want to do, how each of those things feels (in detail), etc. Take it step by step.