Would you swap bodies with your boyfriend/girlfriend for a day?

Would you swap bodies with your boyfriend/girlfriend for a toady, or if you had one if you don't. If yes would you have sex with each other.

Sorry I that should be day not toady


Most Helpful Girl

  • Lol, interesting question. Because of my raging curiosity, I would probably switch bodies with my boyfriend (if I had one of course). I think it would be interesting to live as the opposite gender for a day. It would also be very enlightening to experience having sex in a guy's body.


What Girls Said 5

  • I would love to do that (if I had a bf). Experiencing sex that way would probably make it better, because you could feel it from the other perspective. :)

  • Totally, but only if we didn't have to go out in public. I am a horrible actor and people would know something was wrong with him. I would definitely want to see how sex feels for a guy too. So, bring on the switch.

  • probs not... that's kind of weird if you think about it.

  • I'd switch but not sure whether I'd have sex. It's basically the same regardless since you (probably) already have sex with that person but I think I'd be disappointed if I was a male...lol


What Guys Said 4

  • It got really interesting, until you mentioned the sex. That would be just weird.

  • I like frogs more than toads, no.

  • Yes, I would swap with her and would have sex. I'd be interested in seeing how it feels from her perspective. Her orgasm seems better, so I'm curious whether it is.

  • lolwut?