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Why does he like giving me hickies?

He covers my neck in hickies all the time. Whats up with that? lol I mean I like being kissed on my neck, and when he sucks on it I like that too.... Show More

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  • Pretty much, he's just screwing with you, it's harmless if you ask me.

What Guys Said 5

  • yea, I would think so. it's totally like he's marking you as his property.

    • Lol... nice one.

  • Sometimes it is possible to unintentionally give a hickey, but I'm guessing he is just wants other men in your life to see that you are taken. I bet he is insecure?

    • He has his moments.

      Hes a jealous guy.

      && he gives me them knowingly and on purpose.

    • If he's jealous than he's an @sshole. do other guys steal his lunch money?

  • He's just having some fun. In the words of Chris Rock, don't blow it up into some dynasty shit. If you don't like it, it's okay to tell him to cut it out. Just be cool about it.

  • If he's that into it, then yeah, then it's almost like he's marking his territory. Most people don't do leave hickies on purpose. But yeah, he thinks its fun and funny and does like marking you like you're his.

What Girls Said 2

  • He's marking you. If it bothers you then tell him that from now on he can give you hickeys on your shoulder and not your neck because you don't want your parents seeing.

  • It feels good to receive a hickie especially in the heat of the moment. My bf just have me one last night but I feel the same way like he's trying to mark his territory. And I just got hired at my new job now I have to try to cover it up so I don't look bad cuz I work with customer service. But honestly maybe he has some kind of issues with his ex my bf was cheated on by his ex and she put a restraining order on him and went completely ballistic on him by telling the cops that he tried to lite her on fire and a bunch of crazy lies...then stalked him for two weeks until the court date and then dropped the restraining order so maybe it's just trust issue thing to make sure other guys back off so something like cheating doesn't happen again

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