Kissing someone with small lips?

There's this guy who is pretty awesome and I'm attracted to and all that. The only problem is, when we kiss I literally feel like he has no lips. They're so small that they're pretty much nonexistent. Is there anything I can do to make it more enjoyable or make it feel more like a kiss?

I know this is odd but any help would be appreciated!


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  • Small lips are a problem? We just can't win!

    Seriously, I think my lips are pretty small. A little extra jaw action would definitely help. Chances are, he does nothing to compensate for those bird lips. Just tell him to open up a bit more (or a LOT more, in case you have some saucy lips yourself!)

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      I think that may be part of the problem! He won't really get into kissing me more than just pecks. And kissing with your mouth shut and having no lips is kind of hard.