Help! I just found out my girlfriend doesn't wear panties when she goes out!

Is this at all normal? I was watching my girlfriend get ready for a "girls night out" and she put on a nice little skirt but I noticed she didn't wear any panties. She said it's because it makes her feel sexier and "bad" when she goes out. I don't really know what to think about this. Any opinions?


Most Helpful Girl

  • I know people, both male and female, that never wear underwear... because they "don't believe" in it (I don't really know what's or what's not to believe but oh well...)

    It does sound strange. Especially when she wears a short skirt... I mean really? It's hard enough to move in one without showing to much with panties, can't imagine it being without. But it might be just as she said... I won't say that it totally means that she's cheating, I'm not one to judge people because of their but I can understand that you're irritated with that and you should tell her that...

    I might be naive, but if your relationship is good- beside the panties thing- I don't really think you have to worry.