Does it hurt girls with large breasts to run or exercise?

I have heard a few girls claim it hurts them to run no matter what sport bra they use. Does a treadmill help or not? Can a girl with large breasts use an elliptical and be comfortable and not hurt her breasts? Does swimming hurt a girl with large breasts? Does weight lifting hurt a girl with large breasts?

In general what exercises hurt a girl with large breasts and what exercises don't hurt her breasts? And are large breasts a curse or a blessing?


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  • Well I have larger breasts and after a while, yes it does start to hurt. Treadmills tend to make them hurt more and faster. After about 25 minutes of running, my back starts to hurt and I kind of have to hold my boobs up while running. haha. Ellipticals are much better because you aren't bouncing up and down as much and so it doesn't hurt your back. Swimming doesn't hurt because the water just glides over them. And it doesn't hurt to weight lift. Sports bras don't really help a ton either-- which sucks.

    In general, running or jump roping (any activities that causes them to bounce a lot) tend to hurt them. Any activity that doesn't cause them to bounce and hurt your back is good. And large breasts can be both a curse and a blessing- just depending on the situation.

    • Great response, and great question. Very mature tone. My only question for you anonymous 147 is your height, and your breast size, if that isn't too intrusive. I have a friend who's a probably 5-foot, with DD, so I was wondering how exercise, pain, and all that changes from height and size.


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    • I used to get made fun of in middle school because I always had to hold my boobs at PE. Ha. Gotta love middle schoolers.

    • It hurts either way if you have big breasts and are under 6'0 I think. It doesn't hurt everyones back. I have large breasts and I am short but my back hurts more when I stay sitting in one place for to long then when I exercise or do cardio.

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  • Girls with big boobs usually have to wear two or even three sports bras when they work out in order to support their chests and prevent back pain (and future sagging). Two of my friends have have breast reduction surgery for this reaction.

  • I have D's and I have to say that they are both a curse and a blessing. But, mostly a blessing. It does hurt to run but only if your running really fast, cause they pound againest your chest, but, if you wear a bra it doesn't happen as much and it controls it well. But, it kinda of feels like you have a wieght on your chest, which, is kinda annoying because they make you tired quickly. A treadmill is just like running anywhere, so, it doesn't really matter if you run on a treadmill or not. Swimming actually feels better because fat floats and since boobs are 90% fat, it feels great. Its the only time I don't feel wieghted down. Wieght lifting feels really good. It actually doesn't matter if your breasts are big or not.The more muscles you have the less it hurts when you wieght lift.the only for of exercising that hurts is running pretty much, everything else is ok really. Just as long as it doesn't take to much endurance it's ok. Dancing it alright too because it's so fun you forget about the wieght. I think having big breasts makes you get runners high quicker though, and that's kind of a bonus.

    Hope that helps answer your question.

  • Ya having big boobs hurts sometimes. Like running or jogging. Swimming doesn't seem too uncomfortable for me neither does lifting weights. What hurts the most if running down the stairs really fast :(

  • Sometimes.

  • Speaking from experience (38F) no it doesn't hurt unless they're specifically tender like during the menstrual cycle. Now, we do need to wear a good support bra so they aren't swinging all over and become sagging but as for pain, I haven't really experienced any.

  • I don't have very large breast but they aren't small either. They don't hurt but it can be uncomfortable. I wear a regular bra under a sports bra when I run because it keeps them from bouncing which doesn't feel great. I'm a swimmer and don't usually have a problem except I do feel uncomfortable sometimes not having the support underneath them in my suit.

  • Large breasts are a curse and blessing. I get away with so much stuff just because I have them, but they give me back problems and I can't run or golf properly. they just get in the way...

  • Good Lord YES! I'm about 5''9 and I have 36 D breasts, and sometimes even a really good sports bra doesn't help all too much. The price you pay, eh?

  • Yes it does hurt, my boobies int that big they are only B 26

    but it hurts me when I run without a bra or with a bad bra.But when am waering like a bush up bra it doesn't hurt :)

  • yes it does. If someone says no they are lieing...but with a good sports bra and shirt we are good

  • im about 5'5 or something and I have a DD cup

    when theyre that big theyre mostly a curse

    its annoying when I have to run in sport at school I have to cross my arms over my chest

    and I can't buy really nice bras I just have to get plain ones

    and treadmills don't help cause theyre bouncing

    and your back hurts more than it should with smaller breasts


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