Skinny vs Curvy, Thin vs Thick etc?

I do not know how to put this without sounding like a female dog, but do girls not know the difference between skinny, average, chubby, overweight and body shapes?

I continuously see questions like "Skinny vs Curvy" and some skinny girl will go on a rant about how society is just oh so harsh to her because society encourages eating healthy, being in shape and having womanly curves.

Then, some over weight female dog will ask a question "Thin vs thick" and will give some sob story about how society is oh so harsh on her as well.

Ok, curvy, is body shape, thin, thick, overweight, skinny, average, body types.

I am also sick of how skinny AND "thick" girls expect us all to be politically correct and to cater to their over emotional asses. Perhaps if they ate more or lost weight they wouldn't be so damn emotional?

I don't know, but girls are just idiots, I will say that. They act as though they are the first to ever be skinny, to ever have small boobs, to ever have a big butt, to ever have red hair, I just don't understand.

What are your opinions?


Most Helpful Guy

  • Personally I think it's just not worth getting involved with the drama of head cases anymore. I've come to believe that when girls talk about crap like that, they're just fishing for compliments usually and I just don't want to deal with girls who are that insecure because it usually goes hand in hand with other mental problems that make me not want to associate with them at all in order to keep my own stress level down.