Why do women prefer men with sexual experience?

But claim to dislike players, who are the only guys by definition, that are most likely to have a lot of sexual experience? Seems like a bit of a contradiction

Well I mean the common attitude of women regarding virgin men as "losers" or otherwise undesirable regardless of social status, athleticism, wealth or so forth

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  • One can have a lot of sexual experience without necessarily having had a lot of partners.

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  • I honestly don't give a f***...-__-

  • It is a bit of a contradiction. Just as lots of guys claim to prefer virgins yet also want a girl who will know how to satisfy them and is confident and attractive.But many girls certainly don't regard virgin men as losers. Many also prefer virgins. It's just that there are both pros and cons to being a virgin and to not being one, for both genders.Consider it a toss up.

    • I wouldn't say that. A guy who has had sex with a lot of different people is usually a player. Having lots of sex (possibly with even just one person) is a completely different matter.

    • A guy with a lot of sexual experience is usually a player.

    • Besides, just because a guy has sexual experience doesn't mean he's a player. Maybe he had a couple of exes who he slept with. He didn't necessarily bring a new girl home from the club every night.

  • All players might have sexual experience, but not all who have sexual experiences are players. If a girl says she enjoys a guy with sexual experience, she enjoys a guy with sexual experience.If a girl says she enjoys a player, she enjoys a player. (eeek, never).Specifications can not be intertwined with broad interpretations, generalizations, and assumptions. Take things for face values when they are given to you as just a statement, don't read into it too much.

    • Fair enough. I think most women are smart enough to pursue moral men that do not sexually objectify women.

    • I appreciate self control, yes. But even if his virginity wasn't an act of self control, even if he were simply presented with the opportunity, that's okay too. I would never base a relationship off of sexual experience, or lack of. I base if off of things that matter, like how well we go together, whether he's honest, willing to learn, patient, ect.

    • Well would you have any more respect for the guy if he were the kind of guy that could get sex pretty easily from women but decided to stay a virgin for personal reasons? I don't think women appreciate how much self control that involves for a man.

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  • sexual experience - a 20 year old guy who slept with 1 or 2 girlsplayer - a 20 year old guy who slept with every girl in his townsee the difference?

    • I'm saying the older than dirt sexual double standard goes both ways. Promiscuous men are congratulated, and promiscuous women are condemned. Virgin men are ridiculed and thought of as losers, and it's quite the opposite for female virgins.

    • I dated this guy a few years ago who is by most standards a social loser. He's quite successful in school, went to an ivy, landed a job paying well over 100K, getting his phd. but never had a girlfriend, hardly have been kissed, and goes without saying a virgin. I dated him knowing he had little to no experience and that was OK with me. it didn't matter to me. I didn't care that he was a virgin, that didn't mean anything to me, I didn't "value" it, that's true. but I didn't care that he wasn't experienc

    • Men are pushed in to the gender role of sexual aggression. If they fail to live up to this expectation, the virgin males or sexually inexperienced men are called "losers" by both other men and women. If they embrace this role, then they are instead condemned for it at a later date as cads or players, after they have fed a woman's baby urges

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  • Knowing how to pleasure a woman - and - "trying to pleasure every woman".. Are completely separate categories. A large portion of having sexual experience will give you the tools necessary to pleasure a woman...BUT if you were to stick around and sleep with one woman for a longer-duration of your life, the sex will become better.And as a side note, I notice that the guys who "have sex a lot" are a lot more ambitious/positive/confident in life.. They aren't as pissed off or jaded, and they tend to be a lot more fun.. Just throwing that out there, but I can't back it up - as it's only an observation.~ ArtistBBoy

  • Because they don't really know what they want.