He says he likes my smell?

After we have mad hot sex I sweat a little, and my boyfriend told me that my smell stayed on his sheet even after he washed it. He said he really likes my smell I don't wear perfume, so what does he mean. Is he trying to be nice and tell me I need to shower more than I already do.


Most Helpful Guy

  • He means what he says, he likes your natural smell. Girls that I don't like have BO that totally turns me off and girls that I do like either have neutral BO or BO that turns me on. Don't get paranoid because it's rare a guy can actually smell your natural BO but if he likes you he'll like your natural smell. He wouldn't say anything if he didn't like it because he would be worried about offending you, instead of saying anything he would just avoid you so the fact he says anything means he is teasing you in a loving way.