Why do guys get boners so easily these days?

one of my best friend told me that her crush got a boner just by MAKING OUT with her. what the hell ... is that normal?

i don't mean RIGHT before sex .


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  • Speaking for myself, depending on the type of kiss my wife plants on me can determine wether or not I get excited. If she gives me quick kisses then no reaction. However if she gives me slow sensual slip me the tongue kind of kisses, those make the difference and I get excited. If your best friend and her crush were making out with all kinds of french kissing and ear nibbling, etc, then it's no wonder the guy got a boner. Kissing CAN be considered a form of foreplay. If you and your partner are heavily making out, you don't get excited?

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      yes, but I never thought something so simple would get a guy THAT excited.

      but thanks for the answer :)

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      It works both ways.