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Why do guys get boners so easily these days?

one of my best friend told me that her crush got a boner just by MAKING OUT with her. what the hell ... is that normal?

i don't mean RIGHT before sex .

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  • Speaking for myself, depending on the type of kiss my wife plants on me can determine wether or not I get excited. If she gives me quick kisses then no reaction. However if she gives me slow sensual slip me the tongue kind of kisses, those make the difference and I get excited. If your best friend and her crush were making out with all kinds of french kissing and ear nibbling, etc, then it's no wonder the guy got a boner. Kissing CAN be considered a form of foreplay. If you and your partner are heavily making out, you don't get excited?

    • yes, but I never thought something so simple would get a guy THAT excited.

      but thanks for the answer :)

    • It works both ways.

What Guys Said 16

  • You do realize I get a boner for just waking up right?

  • You don't have a d*** so your opinion on the matter is null and void.

    • i don't have an opinion jackass , I'm asking WHY.

      get the hell out of here if you're not gonna answer, douche

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    • k, just leave. thanks.

    • K bai.

  • Umm yes that's normal. What is he suppose to do "well time for sex, boner 100% GO" it happens when we get turned on, not JUST before sex

    • well what if you're makingg outt like at a school dance, or in front of people?

    • Yes...

  • these days?

    • haha so it's always been like that?

    • yep

  • Yes, its normal. Kissing is sexual. It has always been this way.

    • well kissing isn't really that sexual .. compared to other things

  • Well which would you prefer, that we get boners too easily or too difficult? And anyway, its a f*cking bodily function. Guys who are straight to the point of being homophobic will get boners from being given a prostate exam, doesn't mean that they're gay. It's like asking, why, since women get wet while they're being raped, that they don't like it.

  • whoever said kissing is sexual is stupid. sometimes yes but usually no.

    i get boners pretty easily sometimes from stupid things... sometimes the vibrations while riding in a vehicle set it off... and even when using one of those non-mobile bike workout machine things at a gym-just the way my shorts rub against my junk. getting a boner doesn't only get set off by sexual things for some guys.

    but at the same time some horny bros get boners simple from making out.. they can't help it

  • There is a lot to do with the girl's actions. Just kissing doesn't give a boner. It's how she's kissing. lol Hope this helps

  • I look at it this way, sometimes (particularly at the start of puberty) guys really don't have any control what so ever over their erections, in the same way girls can't really prevent/control there period from coming. And no I'm not saying that getting boners for guys is worse than having your period for girls, trust me if blood came out of my downstairs I would totally freak. I really have sympathy, respect and appreciation for you guys. :D so yea erections in guys are something we sometimes just can not control so don't start laughing or making it out that we're gross for having it, I bet you'd hate it if you were making out with your boyfriend (I know this isn't the same thing but it's relative) and you just happened to be on your flow and he noticed and then screamed at you, 'what the hell' you're so gross! Then he went and told all his friends about it?! And us guys get called insensitive?!

    • haha I never said I would make fun of the guy, I was just wondering if it was true that guys get boners that easily :$

  • Why is it that girls get boners so easily? Bet you didn't think about that

    • ooohh good one

  • Young guys get boners from riding the bus. Get over it.

  • That's normal for younger guys. The older we get the longer it takes. Also with more experience comes more stamina.

  • kissing is so amazing. Yes it can happen especially if he loves her.

  • Uh. . .yeah that's nomal. When is he supposed to get one?

    • like, before having sex?

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    • no I mean like if their on a date or something.

    • Yeah. If he finds her attractive and his body want to have sex with her, guess what happens?

  • This is nothing new, young guys get boners from most everything.

What Girls Said 3

  • Er - I'd kind of be a bit put out if he didn't.

    • i don't mean RIGHT before sex I mean in general.

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    • it's not really sexual, compared to other things

      but yeah I guess you're right

    • No it's not overtly sexual - he might know in his head it's not going anywhere, but physically his body reacts.

  • Yes that's normal. They are supposed to do that, would be worried if I was kissing a guy and he didn't get a boner.

  • I'd be offended if the guy I was kissing didn't

    • even if you were like at a school dance or something..

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    • yes, she should start to worry when he doesn't. Men are turned on a lot easier than girls

    • yes, she should only worry when he doesn't get one. Men are much more easily aroused than girls

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