How do you tell if a guy is bi ?

how do you tell if a guy is bi ?


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  • I'm not sure if there are any outward signs that can tell if a guy is bi, unless you see him dating both sexes.

    Depending on your relationship with the guy your wondering about (if there is in fact a guy you're wondering about), you could always ask him, if he's mature he'll answer you as such and more than likely follow up with "why do you ask?"

    Of course if you're not exactly close to this guy (intimatly or otherwise) then it's probably not a very good idea to just come out and ask him, so you're gonna be left wondering.


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  • Just pray its not like my friend whose boyfriend woke her up by pulling her mattress off the bed with her on it and says he thinks he might be bi. They aren't together anymore after that.

  • Idk trying to identify someone as bisexual is pretty impossible in my opinion. It's not like with "some" gay people where you can automatically tell "he's gay." Even if the guy is a bit femenine that doesn't mean he's gay or bi so it's better to not make assumptions and just ask them upfront.

  • Haha , man you people keep coming with these questions , if he's a freind of you'rs just ask him while you'r joking with him if not I don't think its a good idea to ask , by the way Why you care if he's a bi or not do you have a crush on him or trying to date him , just wondering .LOL

    • Lol yes I do like him and I don't think he is bi . & he likes me I was just asking it was one his friends meesing with me that's all

    • If you like him go for it .good luck

  • Look very carefully at his mouth. Now, ask yourself this critical question. . . Is there a penis in it?

    Girls have misconceptions about what makes a guy bi, like guys have misconceptions about what makes a girl a lesbian.

    But a guy who is actually Bi is often discreet and has enough self-respect that it will seem counter-intuitive if you could suddenly magically be able to tell which guys are bi and which ones are not.

    There are a lot of girls out there who think a guy who likes kinky stuff like being on the receiving end of anal play or looking effeminate are signs of bisexual or homosexual tendencies.

    I've got a question for you though, why do you want to know how to tell the difference between a straight guy and a bi guy? Are you bisexual yourself? Or bi-curious?

    • No I was just wondering cause I allways wanted to know the differnces I have a lot of friends that bi and gay I don't mind it that's who they are I don't judge . I was just wondering what the differnce was that's all .

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  • I'm pretty sure there is no real, 100% fool proof way of finding out if a guy is bi or not without just coming right out and asking him. I know a few guys who dress well, do their hair, stand up straight, have excellent posture, and people have told me "Oh, he's bi, you can just tell by the way he acts and dresses." And honestly, these are guys who grew up with only their mum and sisters, therefore giving him a more metro-sexual look. Guys are just as entitled to take more concern in their appearance as girls are.

    So, in short, there's really no easy way of looking at a guy and deciding that he's gay, bi or straight. There are no visual signs for that. The only way to really get a definitive answer is to ask him out right and hope he doesn't take offense. Because honestly, how would you feel if someone walked up to you and said "Are you bi?" Pretty uncomfortable if you're straight, right?

    Hope this helps.

    • Yea that's messed up iam not gonna ask I know he likes me and I like him iam not gonna judge . its a dumb question I asked wow I feel so stupid . all it shouldnt bother me it was just someone messing with me that's all . iam straight & iam not gonna ruin a chance with him over something stupid your right . thanks

  • when you have sex he likes to take a finger in the hiny from time to time.

    get you napkins,buy you underwear,keep a sex toy on his drawer.(mostly said is I got this for you).

    diary! hehe look for one.bis's had at least a note about stuff that has something to do with guy to guy.