Can hermaphrodites impregnate themselves?

Because they have both male and female genitals but can that person make a baby by themselves

Best of both worlds in terms of sex though


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  • No. Human hermaphrodites are not actually both male and female. Genetically they will either be male or female, and thus will either produce sperm or eggs (ova), but never both.

    People who are considered hermaphrodites acutually only have "ambiguous genitalia" usually due to hormonal imbalances in utero. For example, if a female fetus is exposed to testosterone in the uterus, she will develop ambiguous genitalia or if a male fetus is not exposed to enough testosterone in the uterus, he will develop ambiguous genitalia.

    However, cases in animals have been reported.

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  • Generally 1 of the 2 organs is sterile.

    So only 1 set of their set up has the ability to reproduce.

    People aren't like plants you know.

    Hermaphroditic plants like marijuana or fruit bearing trees, avocados--whatever...can reproduce by themselves because they produce both a sperm (stamen) and an egg (pistil).

    Mammals...not so much...

  • There are a number of different conditions that can cause "hermaphroditism" (or intersex) in humans, though there are no documented cases of true hermaphroditism.

    Fertility is variable in these conditions, but they do not produce both sperm and eggs. So no, they cannot make a baby by themselves.

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  • No. Neither genitals are full functioning. So you can't impregnate yourself.


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  • Chances are, no. In most cases a hermaphrodite is just merely a few organs of one or the other, and somewhat underdeveloped in one way or another. For the most part actual hermaphrodites are borderline non-existent, with a lot of cases being nothing more than just an oversized clitoris or something similar, and even if they had both genitalia, s/he likely wouldn't have the same internal plumbing, to the full extent, if at all.

    So in short. No. Not likely. I highly doubt it, but I fully admit I am not an expert.

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  • Hermaphrodites do not exist. If they do they are sterile and therefore unable to impregnate anyone. But the idea is funny. It would be like cloning ones self.

  • No, because they can't produce both Sperm and Eggs. It's one or the other, I'm afraid.