Girls, what do you do if your boyfriend has an erection?

Should I hide my erection, ignore it or let her know it's there?

We hugged before a few times and she must have at least felt it poke her. Once we were making out and she straddled my leg and she leaned back like "what's that" and then we both looked down and I am not sure if she noticed it because it wasn't poking out or anything but I just said "dunno" and we just made out more.

We're both 16 and have done nothing sexual yet. Is it OK to sometimes have an erection with her. It's not fair that girls can hide being turned on so easily. I know I have turned her on before though cos when we get hot and heavy and I feel her breasts her nipples go hard. I like that feeling, does she like feeling my erection against her? or is it a turn off?

Girls, what do you think?


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  • I think it's a HUGE turn on. And it will let her know you find her attractive. She may even want to help resolve the issue.

    • We've been going out for 2 months so I'm not sure if she would take it that far but it's nice to know that I don't have to worry about it. If she asked about it though I would know what to say now :D

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  • First of all, if she leaned back and you BOTH looked down, she noticed.

    Second, this question is a little too broad. Depends on both people, the relationship, the history, the physical advancement, etc. But if we're hot on the guy, then yea, it's a total turn on.


  • if you're making out with somebody, you're going to get hard. it doesn't take a genius to figure that one out. tell your girl to relax a little and take a breath yourself. you haven't been sexual ever and now you're experiencing it. you're of course going to be horny and having boners every which way because you're thinking and feeling things that have never happened before. it's not a turn off at all. I would be worried if I was making out with a guy and he didn't get hard. it would make me feel like I was doing something wrong, haha. it's okay, just have fun with each other.

  • It's really not a big deal.

    I like when my boyfriend gets an erection.

    its flattering and in my opinion, a turn on.

    • Thanks, I won't have to hide it now and I know what to say if she asked about it. It's just a natural thing that means I find her attractive :D

  • I think if anything it makes her feel good that she is turning you on, and she isn't the only one feeling that way. I personally like feeling it. it makes it more mysterious and more hot and sexy when you can feel it through the pants.

  • well depending on how long youve been dating and if your considering having sex or not she may or may not. Personally I think that if she def doesn't want sex right now, and it happens then its just like a pressure almost, like she thinks oh shit he wanst to have sex, but if she considers it then you being turned on probably turns her on too, because she knows your having fun or w/e, don't worry too much about the pressure thing, if your already going places, such as up her shirt she's probably not that worried an di would tend to go with the second scenario

    • We're not having sex but thanks anyway. I have been up her shirt but always with a bra upto now. and why would she think that just cos I get hard I want sex? getting an erection is just to do with attraction and enjoyment. sometimes guys get erections for no reason at all. it's just something that happens. in the question I did mean erection because of her though

      thanks for the answer

  • Always make sure that she is comfortable with what is going on and always let her pull away. If you let her do that, then you both should be fine. Just make sure you both know each others limits.

  • The way I see it, if you can't be totally open with the girl your with, and you can go as far as making out and feeling her breasts then you should be able to tell her those things. An erections is something that happens to all guys and I'm pretty sure all girls know it happens. If you tell her and she gets mad or grossed out then forget about her. Go find a different girl who will like you for you who are and for the natural thing that happends to everyone. and I also think its a total turn on!

    • I won't tell her or hide it and she doesn't complain if it pokes her so I guess she doesn't mind. Thanks btw, most girls have said it's a turn on upto now :D

      If she asked about it then I would say what it is and it's just natural that I like her :D I have asked her if she liked it when I fondled her breasts and she said yeah she liked it so communication isn't an issue :P

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  • well ime a guy but I will say that the key to a good relationship is being honest you have to know everything about the other

    no matter what it is

    if you think she's tight tell her or if she wants to know if your horny tell her

    • "if you think she's tight tell her or if she wants to know if your horny tell her"

      What do you mean here? I don't know what you mean.

    • He's saying that if you think she'd be interested in hearing how turned on you are, then tell her.

  • Just try hide it( obviously, so she notices) and say its embarresing or something like that. If she likes the idea, she'll smile or do something significant, if not it will be like one of those awkward silences. I did this and it had pleasing results :) try it

  • Girls have to get used to their men having an erection when they are making out, its just a fact of life.

    As for you, your feeling embarrassed because your making out with an attractive girl who likes you enough to play tonsil tennis?

    Enjoy it while you can, swathes of middle-aged men go bald from the stress of not being able to get it up, you got a good one, be glad of it.

  • "Is it OK to sometimes have an erection with her."

    Dear god. You madman. You have to ask that? Of course it's okay. Holy shit who are you dating, Hitler's long lost twin sister? I don't remember the last time a girl had to apologize for getting wet.

    Next you're going to ask if it's okay to take a leak within 100 yards of her.