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Have you got any good sexting lines/phrases?

me and my boyfriend sext a lot, but I'm always kinda stuck on what to text lol, it gets REALLY dirty and I'm like "sh*t what do I say!" I'm never actually getting off on these text I do it for his sake.I know I should just imagine something and let him know what I'm thinking but my imagination isn't very developed ha ha so actual lines and phrases etc is what I'm looking for please GUYS: What would really get you going, something really dirty, naughty and differentGIRLS: what do you imagine/text that's in detail and kinky, something you know he liked reading:) thanks a lot x(oh & detailed, graphic things)

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  • what do you usally sext him?

  • Roleplay, you can be the dominant girl who handcuffs him and rides himOr the school girl who is shy but lets him have his way with herSay stuff like 'your making me so wet right now''i'm drooling thinking about your big **** in my mouth''My fingers are all wet from playing with myself''My nipples are so hard, I want you to suck on them'Write stuff you want to do to each otherLike 'i reach my hand down your pants and feel a bulge that get's bigger, I wrap my hands around your hard cock'Go on Literotica which is basically erotic stories, you can get ideas from thereYou could always call each other and talk dirty

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