Is this bad to tease a guy this bad?

So me and one of my guy friends were in his camper talking, and cuddling. (I know he thinks I'm hot ad he wants to hook up) So, things got kind of... Show More

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  • I used to tease guys like that too. I literally gave my friend blue balls after watching a movie and him fingering me. Unfortunately I couldn't do anything to him since my mom was in the other room and we were in a weird angle sitting on the couch. This definitely beats my teasing though lol. If the guy isn't complaining about not getting anything then it isn't that bad. If he isn't getting any physical touching and only sees his girl turning him on then it's bad to tease a guy that way. You weren't teasing as bad as some of my friends have teased their guys before. One girl I know literally got naked and teased him so bad then up and said they aren't having sex. That is the ultimate tease that's way too bad for the guy.

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    • haha I like teasing guys. Its fun :)

    • ya but I think that leading a guy on and that is mean to a guy

    • I would love to be teased that way.