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Boyfriend is too ticklish to be touched?

I can't stroke his stomach, legs, arms, neck, anything... Even the head of his penis is ticklish sometimes. I'm just frustrated because there are so... Show More

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  • I'm not to sure about being very ticklish everywhere but over time if you are exposed to something you become more accustomed to it. So a lot of tickling can actually make him less prone to it. For the handjob thing it could be because he is so used to his own hand or he rarely touches the head. It may take a while for him to get used to someone else and their grip. If you use lube while giving him a handjob make sure to stroke it very light and gentle near the head and eventually, slowly build up the pace. Ease him into it.I wouldn't worry to much about the virgin thing and penetration. Chances are he will probably be using a condom (which may help reduce friction) and you two will take it slow for the first few times anyway getting more comfortable with each other.

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What Guys Said 5

  • my suggestion is tickle him MORE. the only way to get rid of the ticklish sensation is to get used to it...tie him down and go to town haha...no seriously, do it.

  • Ya there is really nothing you can do about him being ticklish except do your best to make you move movements deliberate and refrain from any light touches. My friends girlfriend tickles him for fun sometimes because he's so ticklish but being that ticklish seems very inconvenient not just for you imagine how he feels not even being able to get a hand job from you.

  • No tickle fetish? My ex-girlfriend would have killed for me to be that ticklish, ahaha. I dunno, grind his skin with sandpaper or something. Keep him on morphine.

    • oh, Jack... :p

    • =] Hehehe. This is a hell of an answer, man. Sexual neurosis, painful nervous desensitisation and class D drugs. I've had this evening

  • first of all, penises are almost always ticklish, well, mine always is anyway. now one thing you should know, when other people tickle you, it tickles, but when you touch your-self(not in a sexual way!) it doesn't cause you don't think anything of it. so my theory is, when you're not comfortable with someone, they can tickle you more easily, cause sometimes me and my ex could touch anything and it wouldn't tickle anymore.so maybe he isn't really comfortable with you yet.

What Girls Said 2

  • i think if he has an orgasm with you, maybe that would calm his nerves? also, you should have him hold your hand, guiding it in stroking motions... cause you know how its impossible for anyone to tickle themselves? maybe if he's holding your wrist using your hand on himself, it will trick his brain, then when he lets go, maybe it will work. idk... totally random theory haha.

  • My boyfriend is also so ticklish- OK not to such extremes but I can't massage his body at all. Sometimes we will be getting intimate and he will start to giggle because I'm unintentionally tickling him. Which kind of puts me off.I don't think sex will tickle your boyfriend though.

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