Beef curtains?

would you dump a girl if she had them? I understand why guys don't like them, they're pretty damn ugly. I want to get a labiaplasty. I'm too embarrassed to even show my vagain to my boyfriend. I only have sex in the dark.


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  • I've never seen a vulva that I thought was ugly. They're the most beautiful thing in the world to me. I love them in all shapes and sizes. Large labia, small labia: I like them all.

    I wouldn't ever leave a girl over her vulva. I would go down on her, though. I'd want to make her feel sexy!

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      You're like.. one of my favorite guys on here, you're considerate and accepting. Just thought you should know :)

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      and he never gets any play, wonder why lol

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      Who the heck would downvote this?