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Beef curtains?

would you dump a girl if she had them? I understand why guys don't like them, they're pretty damn ugly. I want to get a labiaplasty. I'm too... Show More

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  • I've never seen a vulva that I thought was ugly. They're the most beautiful thing in the world to me. I love them in all shapes and sizes. Large labia, small labia: I like them all.I wouldn't ever leave a girl over her vulva. I would go down on her, though. I'd want to make her feel sexy!

    • You're like.. one of my favorite guys on here, you're considerate and accepting. Just thought you should know :)

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    • and he never gets any play, wonder why lol

    • Who the heck would downvote this?

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  • No id be fine with it no worries

  • I don't really care what a girls labia look like, I think it would be super hot to go down on a girl with big labia, but small is fine too, the only kind I don't like is the hairy ones, lol. But that is only because no one likes having pubes in their teeth

  • Of the things I look for in a woman, a perfect vagina is not tops on that list. Not even Top10. The good news is, we don't live in a world filled with Matthew McConnehey clones. You're fine.Some girls need to shut the hell up. Just saying. Those same girls would dump a guy over a little chubbiness, which can easily be fixed.

  • Answer is "NO" and need to leave welll enuf alone...

  • No, but I don't know what I would do if I was completely turned off by it. What the hell do I say about it?

    • so they do turn you off? I would want you to tell me to go ahead with the labiaplasty if it grossed you out, because they gross me out too

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    • Your boyfriends opinion is what should matter. If he's had sex with you chances are he doesn't give a damn

    • And it probably won't matter by that point anyway. He'll like you to much to ditch you. Unless you have sex really fast.

  • no..

What Girls Said 12

  • They're normal, most guys don't care. Watch this, you might just change your mind. It's really powerful, I don't have this particular problem, but I have other ones and even though this movie didn't address my insecurities is REALLY had a great effect on me. link

  • i think they are ugly but most guys wouldn't care.

  • Looks normal to me, don't worry! I was worried abut mine because I thought they looked ugly, but guys don't seem to care and my boyfriend loves mine and says they look normal. I'm not giving a number because that's private but I don't think you should worry, let your boyfriend enjoy :)

  • Weather you have ''beef curtains'' seven boobs, or an extra head, you should not be embaressed about any part of your body although I can understand how this would some how affect you, but if you ''boyfriend'' loves you then this would not phase him, if you are considering doing the surgery toss up all the reasons, is this for you or for him? is it worth it? I mean people are saving to have breast implants after having them removed form cancer.. so is it really worth doing? if it is going to make you confident and happy and fell good about yourself then do it, but if changing your body from this to that for some man or whatever then don't do it... its your body your choice so do what makes you happy for you and you alone.

  • To be honest I think vaginas are very beautiful. A large labia is sign of maturity you don't want a vagina that looks like a little girls vagina. Large labia gives your vagina character. If a guy says anything about your vagina being ugly then obviously they are not sexually mature and they should not be having sex with any women.Dont be embarrassed most guys like it.

  • Men don't care about beef curtains!!! They care about attitude and a girl that has confidence. If you have confidence with those beef curtains they will never question it or think of them any different. A man will dump you quicker with how you see yourself in a negative way than he will over those curtains.
    if a man dumps you over that then he is apparently immature. You are made the way you are for a reason. And to be honest a vagina is a vagina they are not supposed to be pretty. I mean hey it's a vagina. They are not made to be pretty I mean considering child birth. Surgery is not the answer. I too have beef curtains and really I don't know what I'd do without them I like mine they bring more stimulation I'd be lost. My husband loves them so that's a plus. So turn the light on.

    • LOL

    • I LOL'd so f***ing much

    • I just thought I'd lighten up the girls here who are displeased with their appearance :D

  • They're not ugly, they're normal.And for the most part, guys don't care.I post this every time there's a question about labia insecurity: link

    • She speaks the truth. We men don't care what it looks like. The vagina is merely a magic wonder button we use to make you squirm. We care about your face, boobs, ass, legs, stomach, but not your labia.


    • Really? I'm surprised to see you say that actually.

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    • I never say that? That's kind of rude and untrue...I normally try to support girls on this but it's getting ridiculous

    • Yeah a lot of guys like whatever. Obviously some won't but no one needs to get surgery.

  • What a way to talk about a natural part of you. It's stupid offensive words and jokes about women's genitalia that leads to the poor self image some girls have of their bodies. I guarantee "beef curtains" was invented by a guy who should have been lucky to see them at all. The truth is, most men are just happy to see a vagina and be in one, regardless. It's what it's attached to that they are going to be attracted to. I think this is a much bigger deal to you than it would be for him.

    • Mmm, I say it was invented by a girl...girls are more harsh:/

  • I have "beef curtains" too, lol. Some guy on this site misnamed them "roast beef curtains" which was pretty funny. It seems like either they love them, hate them, or just don't care. lets hope we get the guys who love them and don't care. If your boyfriend loves you, he shouldn't care, and theyre probably not that bad.

  • I would a dump a guy if he was repulsed by something as trivial as "beef curtains." It's not like the labia have any real function other than sexual stimulation.I don't give a f***. And if some dude does, he's not getting any.

    • This isn't about YOU.

    • I'm telling her that she shouldn't care, like me. Last time I checked, I can insert myself into my own answer. Thanks anyway, jackass.

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