How do you make labia bigger?

I didn't realize it was a turn off or boring to have sex with :( what can I do to make it bigger?


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  • I wouldn't worry about it. I never heard of it being hotter. I can see how some guys might find it hotter. Because you can see the "flaps" get separated when licking them, and that can be a turn on. But that's orally. Intercourse on the other hand. It makes no difference whatsoever.

  • huh? I don't care. What's the point in making them bigger?

  • here is the deal. Big lips arn't pretty but they feel better. Small lips are cute and still feel good. Don't worry about the way your vulva looks, if a guy is lucky enough to see it, he should be happy enough to kiss it.

    • My friends said they haven't

    • I have noticed a difference as have some of my friends.

    • My guy friends told me that's not true when I asked them

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  • The guys were lying when they said bigger was better. Honestly it's not an issue. Some guys don't care, others prefer small. Leave your labia alone... they're fine the way they are.

  • vacuum

  • Not another Vagina question.

    • Its preference. I would say a minor number like it, a larger number doesn't care either way and a larger number prefer smaller libia. I prefer smaller, Not a deal breaker unless its unusually large. That would turn me off.

    • Well guys have been saying that all night but I think it's just one of those situations where they say things to make girls feel better

    • I call bullsh*t.

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  • Your vagina likes the way it is :(! Love your lady bits!

  • why would you want to do that? girls with big labia spens thousands getting them cut off. I have them and I want a labiaplasty. It's ugly and men don't like it.

    • I, for one, say you're wrong in your belief that men don't like big labias.


  • Bullsh*t, the guys are only saying they prefer big because too many girls on here are insecure about their labia. My boyfriend prefers my small labia and I have heard his friends talk not so nicely about roast beef curtains although I think it's inappropriate to talk bad about them cause girls cannot help it

  • Try growing up and becoming a real woman.

    • wow, you're a rude bitch. did you learn anything in biology?

  • There are labia weights that can help stretch them and make them big(: