What do guys think of natural big breast?

i feel extremely insecure about my boobs they are pretty big and I'm a short skinny girl. I feel like they sag so I don't want to show my lover my breast and he really wants to see them.. I don't know what to do


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  • Big boobs will sag a little bit, that's normal and part of the territory, but that's fine and nothing to worry about. All he will be thinking about is "wow, big awesome boobs that I get to play with and enjoy." Trust me; nothing else will even enter his mind.


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  • Since he really wants to see your breasts, you've got nothing to worry about no matter how much you think they are sagging. Take off your top and let him see your breasts is what you should do.

  • They're wonderful. Let them out so he can enjoy them and you'll feel sexy when you see how happy he is to pay so much attention to them (and you).

    • awe thank you(:

      ill try that I just don't want to be rejecte.

    • I'm a breast man and I have seen my share. I never rejected a girl based on her breasts.

    • i would hope he wouldn't reject me

  • Real boobs are so much better than fake ones. I've never heard of a guy rejecting a girl because of her breasts, so just show yours to him and I'm sure he'll love them. You just need to be more confident about your body.

  • Real breasts sag.

  • I would prefer natural over fake. I think your fine, if they're real that's what makes you.. YOU.

    • thank you:)

      i guess I need to get more comfortable with my body.

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  • I would let him see them. I know you feel self-conscious but I highly doubt he would reject you over your breasts. He will probably be so happy to see them that he won't even care about what things you think are wrong with them. I have naturally big boobs too so I know how you feel :) But I have never been rejected for them :)

  • As a fellow girl with big boobs, I can gladly assure you many, many, many, many, many, one too many men LOVE big breasts and would prefer small, medium, big natural breasts over small, medium or big fake breasts. Natural is preferred by men, however there are exceptions and most are OK with fake breasts.

    Guys who expect women with big breasts to have perky breasts that mirror those in p*rn are delusional and very inexperienced. If he wants to see them, let him. At that point, he isn't gonna be picky, he's curious and anything will satisfy his curiosity.

    There's nothing wrong with being skinny with big breasts, just like there's nothing wrong with being skinny with small breasts, it is just how you are.

    The search engine is great though btw

    • haha thank you:)

      its good to hear from a girl because non of my girlie friends can answer my question.

  • Hey girl, first off as for how guys think of natural big breast, each to their own, genuinely speaking. I have big boobs in comparison to my body frame as well. Thus, I definitely understand how you feel about it and where you are coming from. Don't worry about how guys think about you. It's not for the worse. What's more your lover will and should lover your breast as they are.

    If you are having issues with people outside staring at your boobs because they are big, wear bras that doesn't enhance the boobs whilst giving good support. It never cease to fascinate me how the right bras work wonders for us people :)

    Hope this helps. Let me know if you still have any issues you wanna talk about. Otherwise, be confident, stay confident and dress well :)

    • thank you so much :)

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    • Don't ever let your boyfriend say that he hates your boobs. Yes it's out nature wanting to please the man and not to disappoint them, but it's disrespectful for a guy, let alone your boyfriend to be mean about your breast. Although the choice it's yours, I don't suggest breast reduction. It's costly and redundant for us. I can reduce my breast size without spending that much money when recession is already hitting us. Cut down on butter, coke, mayonnaise, cheese, cream, and full-cream milk :)

    • hes told me likes them I guess since I don't like them I feel like everyone doesn't like them..

      and the breast reductions don't always come out looking nice. and that's really helpful I don't eat and drink a lot of that stuff haha

  • I am 38, have a natural g cups and am slim. I do work out so this probably accounts for some of it but my last two bf's both said they were perfect. I am also self conscious of them especially considering my age. Keep in mind my exes were 24 and 21 so they are used to much younger breasts.