Ejaculating on breasts?

Would most girls be okay with a guy who wanted to ejaculate on her breasts most of the time after intercourse? Where would she prefer?


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  • I prefer having guys finish inside me.

    I am very curious about all the guys and girls here who sound as though it is just a normal thing for the male partner to finish on her body. I do not recall any guy I have been with prefering to finish on me rather than in me. Some have asked as they got close if it was OK to finish inside me, but never if they could do it on me. Several by pure accident have finished on my butt, pubes or lips only because of slipping out of me and popping at the same time.

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      I completely agree w you, there's nothing better than cuming inside. However I think people like to come on the girls body because of p*rn, and that's a big problem, sexual education is coming from p*rn!

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      Trust me: there are guys that prefer the alternative as being "naughtier" or for other reasons.

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      i think its from watching too much p*rn