Ejaculating on breasts?

Would most girls be okay with a guy who wanted to ejaculate on her breasts most of the time after intercourse? Where would she prefer?


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  • I prefer having guys finish inside me.

    I am very curious about all the guys and girls here who sound as though it is just a normal thing for the male partner to finish on her body. I do not recall any guy I have been with prefering to finish on me rather than in me. Some have asked as they got close if it was OK to finish inside me, but never if they could do it on me. Several by pure accident have finished on my butt, pubes or lips only because of slipping out of me and popping at the same time.

    • I completely agree w you, there's nothing better than cuming inside. However I think people like to come on the girls body because of p*rn, and that's a big problem, sexual education is coming from p*rn!

    • Trust me: there are guys that prefer the alternative as being "naughtier" or for other reasons.

    • i think its from watching too much p*rn

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  • I let him bust pretty much wherever he wants. Usually it's inside me in some way or another, which is nice because that's what I prefer. But I wouldn't mind the occasional load to the t*ts or somewhere else on my body. I just wouldn't like it too much if that's all he ever wanted to do. I would feel like he wasn't turned on by or didn't appreciate other parts of my body, after a while. I like variety, and for everything to get a little bit of attention from time to time.

  • I have no problem with having my partner finish on my breasts, or anywhere else for that matter, after intercourse. However if it was ALWAYS an 'ejaculate on breasts' finish, I might start to wonder what was wrong with my vagina...

    I know that I don't speak for most girls, just my personal opinion.

    • I would feel the same way, especially since I generally prefer that he finish inside some way or another. =P

  • no, it's not okay you should assume she wants you to come inside her in a condom. if you're not sure, ask her she'll tell you, this is primarily a p*rn move and I for one only like it if I've asked for it. otherwise it's just plain rude to do this.

  • I personally love a guy creaming on my boobs :^) - I don't know if I represent 'most girls' though I'm sorry.

    but other place that might not be so objectional, her stomach would be the safest bet I think

  • I agree with katiesmuff, I too prefer the guy to finish inside me. It just feels more "complete" & complete than having to pull out mid-coitus and aim and spray :) Having said that, a little variation is good too, like face (it's nice) or mouth. But that's just my own preference...

  • I don't really mind it there, but I could imagine better places. So I'd rather not have it there most of the time

  • i don't really like it. I wouldn't mind it once and a while but yeah I prefer he do it inside of me.

    • or in my mouth

  • I don't know about most girls but I'm fine with it. Before I went on the pill, my ex and I used the pull out method for about 10 months. I pretty much got used to him shooting on my stomach and boobs. That being said, it's much more intimate to finish inside. It doesn't hurt to mix it up a little.

  • I don't mind when my boyfriend does it on my breasts, but I still prefer my stomach...I mean, what's the big deal, lett him :)))

    • Just out of curiosity, why is the stomach better than the breasts?

    • I don't know realy...For me, its more...say natural, that's all...

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  • I love doing that, but my wife really doesn't like me to finish on her.. I usually have to go in my hand :-(

    • You poor guy :))))

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    • Hahah, Mesonfielde, that's not the point :))))

    • It's not such a big deal that I want to enter arguments with her, but it would be nice :)

      Having said this though, we are trying for pregnancy right now so really it's beside the point at the moment.

  • don't you find that degrading? like "yo, I'm the man...I jizz all over da woman cos I'm da man and she gotta take my sh*t"

    seems that way to me.

    • Don't confuse degrading with submissive. Degrading is treating someone like an object. Submissive is being in control with permission. There is a fine line, but it's definitely there.

  • I usually pull out and come on the chick's belly, ass, or t*ts. While most haven't complained, I think the majority of women tolerate this rather than enjoy it.