Can straight guys get boners from other guys?

Can straight guys get boners if they see a very attractive guy? And would that boner make them bisexual or gay? Either by looking at them or by hugging them or what not. I'm just curious.


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  • I have never known or even heard of a straight guy getting a boner from seeing or thinking about another guy. I'm not saying it's impossible, just extremely rare. A "no reason" boner is more likely...

    *Some* guys can't even get one unless they are physically stimulated; just seeing a hot or even naked girl wouldn't be enough for them.


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  • I don't think so, I mean guys are physically uninteresting to me. I can't see why I should be attracted to someone who is physically similar to myself, seems boring. Never had a boner that was caused by a guy

  • You ever see Hangover 2

  • Hell no!

  • No. Same sex arousal means gay or bi. Then again, just because someone got an erection, I wouldn't assume it's because they were looking at anybody, their mind could have been elsewhere.

  • yes I have when changing in front of other guys and being naked for more than 5 seconds and seeing someone elses

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