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Can straight guys get boners from other guys?

Can straight guys get boners if they see a very attractive guy? And would that boner make them bisexual or gay? Either by looking at them or by... Show More

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  • I have never known or even heard of a straight guy getting a boner from seeing or thinking about another guy. I'm not saying it's impossible, just extremely rare. A "no reason" boner is more likely...

    *Some* guys can't even get one unless they are physically stimulated; just seeing a hot or even naked girl wouldn't be enough for them.

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  • Hell no!

  • I don't think so, I mean guys are physically uninteresting to me. I can't see why I should be attracted to someone who is physically similar to myself, seems boring. Never had a boner that was caused by a guy

  • You ever see Hangover 2

  • No. Same sex arousal means gay or bi. Then again, just because someone got an erection, I wouldn't assume it's because they were looking at anybody, their mind could have been elsewhere.

  • Ummmm I'm gonna say NO if he did get one he is probably gay or bi

  • No. Yes that boner would make them bi or gay. But if you're asking because a guy got one around an attractive guy... keep in mind that sometimes some guys just get random boners, boners from vibrations, sometimes from their junk rubbing just right against their jeans or something. So don't jump to conclusions too fast!

  • yes I have when changing in front of other guys and being naked for more than 5 seconds and seeing someone elses

  • I agree with Shaun. If the subject of the arousal is the other male itself, then there is more than likely some sort of bi-curiousity there. However if the arousal is more situational (relaxing on the beach, enjoying a breather after the gym, etc.) then I'd say less so. There are many occurrences where there simply is no reason at all for the arousal and it just happens, hope this helps :)

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