How old were you when you first gave a guy a blow job?

How old were you when you first gave a guy a blow job? I was 14 and is that about average?


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    16 the first time I ever put a guys penis into my mouth, however I wouldn't call that a blow job since I didn't really work at it. I just wanted to see what it was like, and it didn't last for more than 2 seconds. My first actual blow job was with my current boyfriend. I was 18 then.

  • im 17 and the first time I ever gave one was in late july 2008

  • i was 19 and only did it that one time and now I just started doing it to the guy I'm dating and I'm 21

  • I was 15. I think 14 is probably about average & I probably would have started earlier, but I experimented with girls first!

  • I was 15.

  • I gave my first blow job to my current boyfriend. And I'm 20

  • i was 14 too.

  • I was 18, but I had a lot of friends who were tied with you. I only knew a couple girls who did it earlier. I'd guess you're near the early side of a normal range.

  • I was 16.

  • I was 15

  • If the opposite is relevant, I was 17 when I first got one.