Why are guys so crazy about DD breasts?

Some guys would stare openly without even feeling guilty. Some would risk a brief glance. And if you know his guy he might aswell just grab your breast! And always comment on them. What is it about Double D ?


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  • First, most guys love boobs. They are uniquely female and very desirable. Guys are aroused visually more than anything. And part of the reason guys like boobs so much is genetic: it is an indicator that a woman is sexually mature and can bear children. Our instincts direct us to "spread our seed", which means having sex with lots of women, which increases our chance of passing along our genes. It also means choosing women who are likeliest to bear healthy children and to take care of them. Breasts are an obvious indicator of this.

    So, guys are attracted to breasts and enjoy looking at them. Not all guys to the same degree; some guys are more into butts or legs or feet or whatever, but they still like breasts.

    And larger breasts are more noticable, more obvious, and they are somewhat more rare, so they tend to stand out more in a person's notice, kind of like a red Ferarri in a sea of beige Hondas.

    And of course, "boob guys" will notice them, and "big boob guys" will even moreso. In fact, the guys who love big boobs will often go crazy and act like idiots around them. That's not all guys, but again, you notice the exceptions more than the average.


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  • not all guys are. don't make generalizations.

  • Theres a girl who I went to school with who has double Ds, and holy f***, she got so much attention for them. It really got on my nerves, no one would leave her alone. Guys always copped a feel, all the time, and always talked about them. And, like, what the f***? Now she's at college, and only one guy does it, but he's alright, lol. Its more of an in-joke between them.

    I don't know what it is, its weeeiiiiird man. Probably the same mentality that has internet pervs from Turkey talk to teenage girls on emporiums like this, hahahaha

  • Oh DDs! What can I say? It's beyond our brains! Can't be explained! Lol

  • I wish I understood it myself sister... it baffles me as well.

  • Do you ever find yourself stealing looks at really, really attractive guys? Same principle.

  • They're just big and stand out... I prefer B and C cups but I always catch myself staring at the doubles Ds in public just because they are right there, haha

  • They're hot. Looking at them clothed turns us on. Seeing them naked turns us on more. Feeling them turns us on even more.


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  • I don't think all guys like the DDs, I think some prefer Bs and Cs. DDs I hear do get in the way during sex, for positions like missionary.

  • Boobs = good

    More boobs = even better?

    I dunno. They stand out, that's for sure. (:

  • men are hard wired to love boobs. I have DDs so I'm used to it. I don't even care anymore I just block staring guys out like they aren't even there.

    not all guys love boobs though. most of the guys I've dated were ass men, they would take a girl with small boobs and big booty over a girl with big boobs and a small/medium booty

  • Some are and some aren't. Tyra Banks, one of the most beautiful women in the world, has double D's and she's said that she's dated guys who don't like big breasts.

  • Probably because they are obviously bigger then most cup sizes, fuller, and stand out more. I'm a DD and every time my man gets a chance, he can't help himself but grab mine, Maybe men jus like their hands full lol.