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Guys, how do you like a girl to play with your cock-with her hands? not using her hands to lead it to her mouth?

or vagina.. just hand play.. what do you like?what do you think while she is playing with it?

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  • All of the above.

    • do you not know how to read or are you trying to be a d***?

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    • Well there are times when my wife and I are in bed watching TV and she'll be playing with it, slowly storking it, carressing it, running her fingers on the under-side of it and lightly squeezing my balls. Doing these things does 2 things. Keeps me hard and also relaxes me. It makes me glad she enjoys doing these things.

    • ok thank you;)

  • I like when a girl doesn't use her hands and almost thrusts her head back and forth across my d***, feels really goodDeepthroating, best thing in a bj

    • do you not know how to read or are you trying to be a d***?

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    • Hold it sort of tight(if he's hard) in the middle of his shaft and move your hand up and down, keep a rhythm going so start off slow but get gradually fasyer and when you think he's about to come you pump him fast till he cums and stop about 10 seconds after he's ejaculated if you can putting both hands around can be really goodPlaying with the balls is also nice, but be gentle think of them as grapes

    • thats a bj, I know how to do one.. I was asking you what you like, outside of bj hjs and sex.. just what feels good to TYOU, with her playing with it.. nvm its OK really. good night.;)

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