Do girls like virgin guys?

i have never had sex before, its not that I didn't have an opportunity but I was kind reluctant,coz its kinda funny to me sleeping wid anyone without being in a relationship,apparantly iv never been in a serious relationship with anyone,now my question to girls would be is it meant to be emberassing / do you like guys without any sexual experience?

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  • Hey! You know what, that can actually be a good thing. For one: NO STD'S! And then again who knows, you may run into a girl that may want to mold and make you into what she wants you to be. I wouldn't sweat it because you may find a woman that likes to take control sexually because some women are like that. No big deal because everyone had to start somewhere. Also, some girls may think that is sweet (not like queer!) but sort of innocent like and adorable. Furthermore, when your partner finds out that you are a virgin she may get a boost of confidence to have her way with you in the bed. Her knowing that you may not know if she is doing something wrong is a leg up for her and gives her confidence and courage to be herself in the bed. Plus, it is a turn on for her to know that during the act she is pleasuring you and it makes her feel good that she is your first. It turns women on to know that they can arouse a man so much and work it so good in the bed that the guy goes CooCoo over her! It gives her freedom to really let loose boy! That's a definite ego booster! It's kind of nice to turn the tables every once in a while.

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