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Do girls like virgin guys?

i have never had sex before, its not that I didn't have an opportunity but I was kind reluctant,coz its kinda funny to me sleeping wid anyone without... Show More

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  • Hey! You know what, that can actually be a good thing. For one: NO STD'S! And then again who knows, you may run into a girl that may want to mold and make you into what she wants you to be. I wouldn't sweat it because you may find a woman that likes to take control sexually because some women are like that. No big deal because everyone had to start somewhere. Also, some girls may think that is sweet (not like queer!) but sort of innocent like and adorable. Furthermore, when your partner finds out that you are a virgin she may get a boost of confidence to have her way with you in the bed. Her knowing that you may not know if she is doing something wrong is a leg up for her and gives her confidence and courage to be herself in the bed. Plus, it is a turn on for her to know that during the act she is pleasuring you and it makes her feel good that she is your first. It turns women on to know that they can arouse a man so much and work it so good in the bed that the guy goes CooCoo over her! It gives her freedom to really let loose boy! That's a definite ego booster! It's kind of nice to turn the tables every once in a while.

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  • Im a virgin my self and I feel a lot of pressure when it comes to the topic of virginity when I first get to know a guy. It would def make me feel more comfortable to date a guy who was a virgin because part of me likes the idea of being someone elses first too. now adays I feel like I would have had to give it up a long time ago in order to be a guy's first.

  • I like virgin guys but I like experienced guys better. It could be that they have no experiences yet but they know about it and could probably do it.

  • Ah, constantly I find myself thinking about my boyfriend's sexual history. It bothers me all the time, but I know that I have to look over it. Being a virgin would solve all of these problems! I'd be so happy to run into a guy that I fell in love with only to find out that he was a virgin. Of course, if I DID find a 25 year old virgin I'd wonder if everything was OK with him, but once he explained it, it'd be great. Plus, if he gave it to me, it'd be great to know that I mean that much to him.

    • Wow makes me feel better, lol---by sayin' 25 year old virgin you are not referring to me are u?i m 25 infact, however, I do not have any problems,its just my because of my religion and my personal thoughts that kept me away from it, I personally believe that I am gonna give evrything to someone I love more than anything else,its that simple, however I appreciate ur thoughts and answer.

    • My boyfriend is 25. Sorry the reference may have sounded like it indicated you.

  • why not?
    im virgin girl too , i dont care if my guy is vergin or not. its all about love i dont care about his past , also the mot important thing to me is our present and future together . i dont need p*rn star. lovely kind guy i enough for me coz im human not devil lol. its all about love. lust is not everything

  • Actually, it depends on the girl. If she really wants to find true love, then she will look for a virgin because she wants her first time to be special. But if she was looking for true love and she wasn't a virgin anymore, I don't think she'd mind if the guy was a virgin or not. But, if the girl just wants sex, she wouldn't care if you're a virgin or not, she'd just plain f*** you.

    But, if you're worried about girls not likeing virgins, only the dumb ones don't like virgins. The ones that are really looking for the right man wouldn't care. They'd like it that you saved your virginity for your true love. And it's good that you didn't lose your virginity. So, don't worry about it. And please, don't lose your virginity just cause someone said girls don't like virgins cause 1, it's not true, 2, that's a stupid reason, and 3, be yourself. Don't try to lose your virginity just cause all your friends lost theirs. Oh, another advice, girls get impressed when there's a big group of guys, and all are nonvirgins accept for one. But only the girls that really want to find love get amazed. The stupid horny ones WILL LAUGH. But don't let that bother you. Just think in your head "They're whores. They lost their virginity already! Ewww!"

    That'll build up your self confidence.


  • I love virgin guys and I am virgin too.Although virgin people are fond rare nowadays,but being in rare groups does not mean that you are in wrong way .Just like scientists, prophets ,founders and etc that are few compared to all population.So I try to not be a follower of others but do what I personality think is best .I think that's wonderful to be yourself and have self esteem enough to stay just like who you wanna be ,no matter how others are judging you.

    • A virgin boy of 28 and am in search of a GOD fearing virgin girl forrelationship, but who will not definitely put me in temptation to doit,cos I made a vow not to do it until I get married.must be beautifulbut not short. so any interested girl can email me at corgolden@yahoo.com and tell me your age,where you frm.

  • I think it is a lot more comforting to know I don't have to worry about STDs as well as the pressure that some guys put on girls cause they won't give in or since they are so experienced that you won't be good enough. Even though I like virgin guys, it might be because I am a virgin so maybe more experienced girls might not want someone who knows what they are doing but who knows.

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