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To any women who let men ejaculate inside them, do you like it when a guy licks you afterward?

I find it to be a turn on and I don't mind giving a woman lots of oral, even without her asking for it.

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  • No guy has ever done that before to me. I guess if he wanted to I would not care but I don't really like oral after have an orgasm it is to sensitive so that may be a problem for me.

  • No, please don't. (For me)That sh*t is like intense moisturizer...I use it. I rub it in.Conditions lips & skin...;-P Kidding. I'd just prefer cleaning up together. Towels. Wipes. Shower.

What Guys Said 2

  • well then ..enjoy yourself... I never say never...but that would not be my first choice...

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