Why do women hit men in the balls?

Some months ago, in a girl's house, I got carried away and let's say I tried to force her to do something she did not want to do and my hands went to certain places of her body. Before you say anything, I know that I was doing something wrong, but I couldn't resist. The thing is that the girl grabbed my testicles and squeezed, pulled and twisted them violently. I lost my breath, fell to the ground and vomited. I lost consciousness for hours. When I woke up, the pain was terrible. My testicles swelled up to four times their normal size and turned black. I was in terrible pain. I had surgery to remove damaged tissue and the doctors repaired my left testicle, that had been ruptured, although due to the damage sustained it will not be able to produce any spermatozoa or testosterone. My right testicle had to be removed due to it having multiple ruptures. Now, when I try to ejaculate, is very painful and only drops of blood come out and I can't get an erection.

Why do women hit us in that part? Aren't you aware of the consequences? This girl destroyed me as a man, phisically: Deprived from testosterone my muscles are losing mass and they will atrophy. Also, my body is losing bone density. This puts me at risk of developing osteoperosis. A so-called "woman's" disease. Both of these conditions eventually become life-threatening. T

And she destroyed me psychologically: I feel emotional devastated, I suffer from clinical depression and I'm thinking about suicide.

Do you think is fair what this girl did to me? Even if I had raped her, a vagina is meant to be penetrated by a penis. Physically, it wouldn't be so terrible. She would have remained a woman. But the testicles are not made to be abused in this way. The are to be cared for as life givers.

Have any of you done anything similar to a man? Would you do it? Do you think what happened to me was fair?


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  • so you tried to force yourself on a girl (aka rape), she defended herself and you're actually whining about how its not fair? dude, you're lucky that's all she did. I would have beaten the sh*t out of you while you were unconscious and then shoved my strap on far up your ass. and I'm completely serious. just because you were unsuccessful in raping her, doesn't lessen your intent and you deserved everything you got, and more. if this is a true story that is.

    plus, you deserve a punch in the nuts just for this weird, creepy logic you have going on here. its more acceptable to rape women because a vagina is meant to be penetrated? wow. someone should chop off your d*** just for saying that. again, if this is even a true story, you don't deserve the ability to procreate because clearly you're an unfit human being, which leads to becoming an unfit father.

    And honestly, I don't care if you kill yourself. You tried to rape someone and now you're trying to justify it or make yourself the victim. You haven't learned anything, all I hear from you is pity for the consequences of your actions. There is no genuine remorse here, so I wouldn't shed a tear if you jumped off the ledge in front of me right now, and that's saying a lot coming from me. You should be in jail right now, though, seriously.


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  • you are a sick f***er rape isn't funny asshole

  • "Why do women hit us in that part?"

    Seriously? You were trying to rape her with "that part", you idiot. Don't spew all this bullsh*t like how you couldn't resist -- it's ridiculous and childish. Grow the hell up and learn some self-control.

    Being sexually assaulted is one of the most devastating things a woman can go through, both physically and psychologically. As far as I'm concerned, you had it coming and deserve every bit of pain you feel.

  • You're totally SICK. you deserved it.

    I feel for the girl you RAPED. And yes, you CAN resist raping someone.

    You have nobody to blame but yourself. You did something horrible, you get what you deserve.

    Trying to act like the victim when your really not won't get you anywhere. I totally think what happened to you was fair.

    Sick men like you are just trolls.

  • You seem to be playing the victim, like she randomly ripped off your nuts an therefore she is in the wrong.

    If you weren't forcing yourself on her (You're twisted, by the way.) then she would not have acted as she did as a way of self defence. Obviously, she knew the gripping and twisting would lead to a lot of pain and discomfort, thus why she did it. She wanted to disable you so you would stop harassing her.

    I think you deserve exactly what you got, you have no right to force yourself on anyone and you can not blame her for defending herself. So in future, please don't play victim all "I knew it was wrong, but I just couldn't resist!" Like it was a harmless glance down her top.

    Bottom line: next time you know not to sexually assault a girl.

  • Epic FAILURE, troll.

  • Didn't you whine to me about this on omegle a month or so ago?

    You're a horrible, horrible person for even asking this. And doing what you did. I wish this happened to all rapists, and worse.

    • YOU'RE OVER 30 YEARS OLD AND YOU'RE ASKING THIS? I hope your "man part" falls off!

  • You took it to a level you shouldn't have. Not good and NOT FUNNY!

  • Are you kidding me?There's no way I can sympathize with you. The out come for you is bad, oh well SO WHAT see a therapist or kill yourself, no one is really going to care. Just like you didn't care when you where forcing yourself on her. NO MEANS NO. So deal with it.

    Honestly there should be lessons on this technique to teach and educate children and anyone from being sexually assaulted. BRAVO to the girl you tried to RAPE! To many children and women are assaulted and sexually abused every f***ing second of every f***ing day and then discarded like some piece of trash. Is that f***ing okay? Think about it because they certainly can't. I wish they would pass a law to castrate anyone that commits a sexual crime, or f***ing tries to. This could be real or your a troll either way it's f***ed up. Sexual assault is not a joke.

  • I really hope you kill yourself.


    poor girl, f*** you, trying to act all sober when your just making it seem all dramatic.

    I don't care about your stupid balls, go ahead and get an illness, go to hell for all I care you damn Sicko.

  • You just "couldn't resist" trying to rape her. And she just "couldn't resist" breaking your balls in self defense. All better now? I think I'm going to start using that one actually. I'll use a guy for his money, cheat on him, intentionally give him an STD...and then I'll just say, "Well I couldn't resist!" Sounds great. And if he does anything in retaliation, I will get on an anonymous advice site and talk about what a d*** he is. And that guys are meant to be used for their money but women are gentle, fragile creatures so he shouldn't have done anything back. Dude you've just made my life 10 times easier. Thanks for the tip.

  • If a woman does that just for kicks I do think its really sick and wrong... the ONLY excuse I can even accept is if she was defending herself, and you outright just said you raped her which there are no excuses for...

    Are you an animal? You don't know how to control yourself and your urges? PEOPLE have that ability... to choose what not and what to do.

    So I don't feel bad for you... and you're lucky you only lost that much ... because if you tried that sh*t with a woman like me, I'd f***ing make sure ALL of your sh*t was broken before it even went near my twat, and if you even thought about sticking it in my mouth I'd bite it off you sick motherf***er.

  • Well, when a person is put in a position where they feel threatened, whether sexually or violently (or both,) they are going to do whatever they can to defend themselves.

    A guy's genitals is the most sensitive and vulnerable part; a full grown man can easily over power a women, so since we can't physically fight you, we go for what we can to stop you from hurting us.

    Did she need to do the damage she did? It wasn't her intention I'm sure to cause you so much pain, but her mindset at that point was doing whatever she could to defend herself.

    The pain you feel when she damaged you, is very similar to the pain a women feels when being raped. How dare you downplay something so violent and humiliating for a women. During rape, the vagina isn't lubricated, it isn't pleasurable, and its agonizing for the women going through it. At that point and time on a biological level, the vagina isn't ready for any type of penetration.

    I can honestly say, I'm very sorry for the condition your in - but had this not happened to you, what would have stopped you from possibly raping and sexually abusing more women? You stated you couldn't help it, but self-control is something everyone must learn.

    But as the saying goes,

    experience is the best teacher...

  • First of: please don't kill yourself, it's never the answer.

    Look, what she did to you sounds devastating. But honestly, you would have raped her. You talk about rape as though it's no big deal. You are wrong. Rape can be a form of torture. Now, while I'm sorry your man-hood has been taken away, it's not necessarily her fault. You tried to rape her, you now have no balls.

    Now then, instead of killing yourself, try and learn from this. Use this experience to better yourself. Also, it would probably be best if you stopped asking the internet, and consulted a psychologist or therapist if you really are having issues with deppresion. The internet is anonymous, and people can be very harsh and not understanding.

    Essentially: I'm sorry your balls are broken; I'm sorry that woman was almost raped. I think you need help.

    God bless, and may you learn from this.

  • It is fair. You are playing the victim when in reality she was the victim and was defending herself. You shouldn't have touched her. You got what you deserved. You may think now that she over reacted but think about how terrified she was when you were forcing yourself on her. People act in crazy ways when they think they are going to be hurt.

  • Is this a joke?

    You totally deserved it.

    We are well aware of the consequences. Maybe you'll f***ing think before making a girl do something sexually without consent.

    F***ing rapist,

  • From your attitude about what you were doing you deserved it. She was defending herself. You say you know what you were doing was wrong yet you say, "even if I had raped her the vagina was meant to be penetrated". That is true but not by someone like you forcing themselves on someone! Now you can't!

  • Lol what a selfish ass troll you are


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  • You know what happens when you play with fire? You get burned. And you have no one to blame but yourself.

  • She's entitled to defend herself man, you can't put women in those situations where they feel threatened. Women have been trained to go after a guy's balls by real self defense courses. The reason is that it works. It sounds painful and hard and I wouldn't wish it on anyone, but a woman's got a right to defend herself as effectively as possible.

    I've got a hit in the balls story that I think demonstrates the point you were trying to make though. I was at the movies with an ex and an old movie poster came on the screen showing Bridgette Bardot from the 1950s with just a bed sheet wrapped around her. I said (not in a pigheaded way) "Wow, she really was beautiful" and my girlfriend leaned back with her fist and punched me in the balls as hard as possible. Now, THAT was f***ed up.

  • You now have given all the women and young girls a valuable lesson on how to defend themselves. That probably is the best thing that you can do in your penance. You are lucky you did not go to jail. What did you tell the doctor, that you tried to molest a girl and she had to defend herself.

    Now ladies, you should spread this story to all your friends and daughters, on how to defend yourself against a guy when in trouble.

    And if the guy is wearing a cup, just go behind and pull the cup out or shake it up and down. Eventually the testicles will either get caught, or you can get behind and squeeze.

  • When I looked at the question, I was first thinking "Aww, I feel kinda bad for this dude."

    And when I found out that you raped somebody, I thought "maybe this guy did deserve it, but that is not what Hitler and Osama went through." I wish that happened to them if that was a way of punishment nowadays.

  • Fail troll fails.

    "Do you think is fair what this girl did to me? Even if I had raped her, a vagina is meant to be penetrated by a penis. Physically, it wouldn't be so terrible. She would have remained a woman. But the testicles are not made to be abused in this way. The are to be cared for as life givers."

    This paragraph gave away your trollin' intentions.

    And if this is a true story, karma is a b*tch, huh?

  • If she was my sister/cousin/friend I would've finished the job and cut your d*ck off too. DON'T RAPE WOMEN.

  • wear a cup the next time you try to rape a girl

    this goes for all guys