Should girls shave down under?

Ok guys, I know this is tmi but I really wanna know. Do you like it when a girl shaves "down there"? If so, how much? Completely gone or leave a little?


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  • I like it completely bald because it's nice to go down on but a little bit of trimmed hair is nice too. Some guys actually prefer natural. Ask the guy you're involved with and see what he prefers. Or whatever you're comfortable with. Some guys are going to like it no matter what.


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  • I've always preferred a close trim. Cut too close and I feel like a pervert with a little kid. Don't cut at all and it becomes jungle warfare.

    Keep it short enough to not bulge in your panties, but long enough to still be soft to the touch.

    I hope I explained that clearly enough.

  • I prefer if it's shaved all around the lips so I don't get stubble burn when I'm licking away down there. All trimmed in general is good. Some girls just shave it all off and that's fine but I don't really care as long as it doesn't get in the way of anything I have in mind for her.

  • ...Down under?

    Where beer flows and men chunder?

    Cant you hear, can't you hear that thunder?

    You better run. You better take cover.

    • Are you sure you didn't mean "Where women glow and men plunder"?

      I mean if you're going to recite lyrics, do it right.

    • Thats the first chorus. I'm doing the second this time. link

  • I don't want her totally bare. the prepubescent look is creepy. I do, however, think the "undercarriage" itself should be shaved, both for her comfort and for mine. I mean, seriously, It's not gonna be nice for her either when I'm accidentally pulling her hair out with my teeth.

    On the other hand, her mons, while I would prefer it at least trimmed , is fine anyway she wants it, seeing how it's almost entirely cosmetic, and has no effect on our comfort, so to speak.

  • Shave. Please. I speak for most men here, and we don't like the bush. If you and your other want pleasure, shave it till its smooth:)


  • Definitely prefer completely gone

  • Triming is fine, unshaved is great, shaved is a no no. I don't like the way it looks I've seen it in p*rn and it's huge turn off. That's the waya kid looks why would any man want a grown woman to make her privates look like a kids. Iono that's a huge turn off for me. it says nothing to/about the girl, it's just the image associateed withit.


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