I want to try anal, advice?

I really want to try anal.

I have been wanting to for a while now and the opportunity came up recently but we were unable to make it happen, so does anyone have any tips? One thing we know we did wrong was our lube choice which happened to be some extra virgin olive oil we had in the cupboard. Besides that we just couldn't get it in! We tried numerous positions and with a condom, then with out but nothing. Not even a millimetre could enter.. how do people do this?


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  • Sumina7 is right.

    Vaseline is an excellent lubricator, even though it might be a little hard to rub it off or clean it afterwards.

    Apart from the lube, there are multiple factors that you need to consider:

    1-) Relax!

    When you are not relaxed, you automatically contract your muscles, making a tight hole even tighter (and even harder to penetrate). Let yourself go, enjoy the moment and have an extended foreplay to calm yourself.

    2-) Practice Run

    If you're learning to use firearms, you don't start with real bullets (because you might end up killing someone, right?).

    Same logic. Before you try anal sex, you should replace a thick penis with a thin finger. If he can insert his finger and stimulate you for a while, you will both relax (since now you know what's going to happen and what you will feel) and loosen up (the anus actually enlarges a little when penetrated). He might try two fingers afterward, and then three fingers, and then anal sex.

    Oh, and, he should go REALLY slow, because anal sex hurts the first time if he ir too fast or too rough.