How do you get a girl to send you nudies?

How do you get a girl to send you nudies? Like girls what does a guy have to do or say to get some?


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  • Like a girlfriend? She'll probably just do it if you ask directly, mine have.

    As for a random girl, well that takes a little finesse. Part of it is seeming like you really don't even care that much. She'll want to prove herself to you ("why isn't he turned on by me? I know I can turn him on..."). The girls on this site are inundated with creepy teenage boys randomly asking for cyber sex and naked pics so they're probably pretty impervious to those requests. Although, I've got to admit I've received some interesting messages from ladies in the last month or so. They're out there. Just don't act like a sleaze bag and they'll come to you.

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      I shouldn't have even posted. I agree with the above. Don't be a horndog, and you'll set yourself apart easily on here.